7 thoughts on “US Debt Clock

  1. [Why is it so difficult for our government to understand that we can not spend money that we do not have?]

    Funny how you right-wingers suddenly have become concerned about the debt. Where were you when Reagan was tripling the debt and Bush was doubling it? Most of the spending now is an attempt to save our country from entering another depression.

  2. Lets see, I was in grade school was Reagan was president and I was complaining to my senators when Bush was over spending.

    No president has put this country into debt further than the current president, are you ok with that? You can not spend your way out of debt, which is a fact. The more you spend the bigger the problem will become. Where are you now?

    Or are you a typical “left-winger” that ignores the problems of today by complaining about the mistakes of the past?

  3. Welcome to my blog Moe, I really do look forward to your contribution. You will find I do not resort to name calling and I do not play the blame game. I enjoy open and civil discussions on all sorts of subject matter. Disagreeing is not disliking.

  4. As a conservative, I am not in favor of exponentially expanding the deficit, no matter who is in charge. Adding debt that we have no current means to pay for is simply continuing to dig at the bottom of a deep hole with no ladder having been constructed.

    Congress has been controlled by the Democrats for three years now and the White House for almost one year. Continuing to blame past administrations for the ongoing problem and excusing a continuation of the problem by the current crop of politicians does nothing to solve the issues and is intellectually dishonest.

  5. I think the problem is a Washington D.C. problem suffered by both parties, as much as it pains me to say that. Their biggest incentive is to get elected and it is a lot easier to throw in earmarks and buy toys for their constituents than it is to inspire people, come up with new ideas, and make the tough decisions to cut programs.

    Governor Pawlenty of MN has proposed that Congress should pass a bill that the budget cannot be larger than the amount of revenue that came in the previous year, instead of them relying on optimistic financial predictions. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it is a start.

  6. Agreed, there is plenty of blame to pass around. Washington is broken and it is far past time to take to steps to fix it.

    Hopefully, the awakening will begin with the next elections.

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