Chris Matthews has come out of the closet

Chris Matthews has officially declared himself a communist on national tv and no one cares, what is wrong with this country? If a person declares himself a communist do you think he can really be impartial when reporting news about the success of a capitalist republic?

Lets also not look past Bernie Sanders agreeing with him, should a declared communist be allowed to serve in public office?


4 thoughts on “Chris Matthews has come out of the closet

  1. For several reasons:
    1. We are not a communist country
    2. Communism is opposed to the ideas put forth in a constitution
    3. Communism has never been successful economic or political ideology

  2. First, the communist party only took over China 60 years ago so it is a bit soon to call it a success. Secondly, ask the common citizens of China if they prefer the communist system, I have, they don’t.

    If you prefer communist rule over a representative republic, you should move to China.

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