Why are Democrat, Liberals and Progressives ok with healthcare bribes?

This is an open question to any democrat, liberal or progressive that is willing to try and defend what is going on with the current federal government. When you see “deals” being made to get votes for a bill, is that ok to you? Is that a morally honest way to do business with in the federal government?

Now this is a question for anyone else that wants to chime in. When did it become ok for politicians to offer bribes in order to get the votes needed to pass a bill? I may disagree with the last version of the healthcare bill that was made available, but if the majority of senators or representatives in congress thought it was the consensus of their constitutes to vote for it, I would live with it. But when it takes special “deals” for a specific district or state in order to get that senator or representative to change their vote in favor of a bill, that is a BRIBE! And the last time I checked, bribery is still illegal.

Now, maybe I am wrong. Correct me. Don’t say that the Bush administration or some Republican controlled congress did the same thing, they may have but does that make it morally acceptable to you for the current administration and congress to offer bribes for votes?


4 thoughts on “Why are Democrat, Liberals and Progressives ok with healthcare bribes?

  1. The latest atrocity perpetrated by the Obama administration is the newly-announced “deal” to exempt members of labor unions from the “Cadillac-Plan Tax” to be levied against those who enjoy health insurance plans not available to the majority of the public, but a staple for many union contracts. This is a perfect example of the political bribery that you mention – an open attempt to buy the votes of union members by affording them special privileges.

    Such blatant attempts to reward those who are “connected” to the elite who currently run this country is above immoral and teeters on illegality.

    No, it is most definitely not “ok” for any politician or political party to offer bribes in order to get the votes needed to pass a bill.

    You have pinpointed what makes so many Americans vehemently against Obamacare: this is a purely “special interests” piece of legislation, designed to foster loyalty to a truly corrupt Chicago-style system of politics employed by the current administration.

    As to what motivates politicians of this type, please feel free to investigate my latest posting, “Behind the Smoke and Mirrors” at http://www.mainenowandthen.wordpress.com.

  2. To the left, corporations and rich people (often tied together are the enemy), to the right government and unions (often tied together) are the enemy. It’s a battle of statist vs libertarian, except the two large parties like it to be more good vs evil, with the other side being evil. This allows for the sheep to flock to them. Both have their reasons and points, both have their flaws and misgivings. Right now, the liberals/Democrats are in power, and we’re seeing them stick it to the other side like was done for much of the previous administration. Tit for tat… except on a massive scale and affecting people’s lives.

  3. The actual law that addresses bribery is USC Title 18, Ch 11, Sec 201. It states that bribery can be direct or indirect. So, the fact that unions give a ton a money to the democratic party and they are specifically given exemption to a tax indicates to me that there has been wrongdoings.

    If it was just normal policies that helped those constituents, that’d be okay, but the fact that their exemption from the tax is based on their union membership shows foul play in my mind.

    It is funny because when you look at the laws, so much of it is other people bribing politicians, not the other way around.

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