Dear Mr President,

I would like to thank you for all you have done for the future of America. Thanks to you many Americans are more involved than ever in politics and how it effects our day to day lives. Because of the things you are trying to do to the country we love, Americans are asking questions and looking for ways they can make sure that only positive changes happen.

Thank you for awaking Americans to the importance of politics in our country. In the long run I think your presidency will be remembered as the event that caused the average American get involved in politics. We are now driven to make sure the government works for us, as the founding fathers intended it to .

Now you may not be as happy about these changes are we are. The more I talk with people that voted for you, and they then read about the things you are doing, they now regret their decision. The more they think of the things you said that caused them to vote for you and now realize you have not met the promises you made they realize they need to pay closer attention to who they vote for in the future. Thanks to your actions they are now looking for a better candidate to get behind.

We are hoping for better politicians in the next election and being connecting to you only hurts their chances. The only candidates that have a chance of being elected are those that have no connection to you and this is the opinion of people that voted for you. These people have never been polled by any political polling group, but they are the ones that stood in lines to cast their vote and now are ready to do it again in opposition of you.

As an American who has served his country and has made it a hobby of mine to see the best people possible become public servants in government let me say thank you Mr President.


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