Is President Obama finally taking responsibility for the spending spree?

“These are tough times, and we can’t keep spending like they’re not,” Obama said today at a press conference to announce his new commission. Lets put aside the waste of time and money the commission will be and take a look at his statement.

“we can’t keep spending like they’re not”, sounds like he is admitting that his administration and the congress has been spending money like a drunken lottery winner. Is it possible that all the red ink, along with the millions of American voices, have finally woke him out of his Saul Alynski Progressive stupor?

Sadly I think it is more likely he put little to no thought into what he was saying and some junior speech writer didn’t pay attention to that line in the speech. This line rolled off his tongue as his mind was thinking he was blaming Bush for all the over spending so it was ok to say. President Obama is the poster child of this generation, “take credit and push blame” is their motto and he will ride that motto till he losses in re-election and then he will live the rest of his life in government care as a prince.


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