Who’s laughing at the Amero conspiracies?

There may be a lot of loony conspiracy theories out there but you can see where others hold merit. One of the ones that have me nervous is the the creation of a one continent currency for North America called the Amero. Before you dismiss this as a wacky conspiracy theory remember what they said about the Euro before it became reality.

Last week Reuters posted an article that described how the Canadian dollar was becoming equal to the American dollar. The theory goes that President Clinton began the work with NAFTA, all though I am sure it probably started a long time before that, and then President Bush continued the process with the NASSP. Slowly the United States, Canada and Mexico are trying to equalize our currencies so that one currency can become the standard.

They have determined that it will be too difficult to bring the Mexican peso up to the other two so they will be brought in under the guise of fairness for out “troubled” neighbor nation. But with Canada’s currency equal to ours it will be easy for the two larger economies to lead the process.

How would this effect the sovereignty of the United States? Would this open the door for a one world currency under the control of the United Nation if they could combine the Euro with the new Amero?

Don;t get me wrong. There may be nothing to this. But if you start reading news stories talking about the Canadian dollar being equal with the American greenback leads lawmakers to decide that in order to create better international trade between our nations we should have a uniformed currency available, pay attention. Canada’s prosperity in itself is not a bad thing. I am only watching out for others trying to find ways to get at my God given rights through it.

You can a really in-depth article into the North American Union theory HERE.


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