Dr Linda Burke-Galloway censors opposition.

Recently I was attracted to a post on a blog by Linda Burke-Galloway when she attacked Dr Cassell in Orlando Florida when he expressed his freedom of speech.

Dr Cassell hung a sign in his private office that read “If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere”. Although the good doctor has not turned anyone away that had come to him for care, he wanted to get a point across.

Now that brings us to Linda the blogger. She attacked Dr Cassell with descriptions like “scarlet neck”. Now the oh so honest Linda has since edited her blog to eliminate the “scarlet neck” comment after I challenged her racism.

Now Linda the blogger has gone to the length of censoring me out of her blog when I challenged her statement that she did not call the Dr “stupid” when she had in fact said “He is now hailed as a great “American patriot” but wasn’t smart enough to attend an American medical school.”

So I am glad to see the sanctity of freedom of speech is still alive and well among the progressive liberals in the Democrat party. I understand her right to censor her blog, but she should note on her site that she will censor out any opposition to her view. A note for Dr Linda Burke-Galloway from me, I will not censor you from my blog as long as you keep your language clean.

Her site tag line should read “I am correct, you are wrong and there is nothing you can say to change my mind”.


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