A look to our future, if progressives get their way.

50 years ago Fidel Castro began his rule in Cuba, first as Prime minister and eventually as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba until he resigned in 2008. I will admit now that I unfortunately know little of the revolution but a good friend of mine has a direct family connection to the event and I hope to learn more soon.

In a recent article in the AP Jeffery Goldberg got the chance to sit down with the retired communist leader and discuss several topics, one being the state of Cuba. In his description of the current state of Cuba I got a glimpse of what progressives are working toward: “The state controls well over 90 percent of the economy, paying workers salaries of about $20 a month in return for free health care and education, and nearly free transportation and housing. At least a portion of every citizen’s food needs are sold to them through ration books at heavily subsidized prices.”

I only hope that progressives will learn from one of their role models when he admitted: “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore”

It is not too late to take action and put the people in charge of our future so we do not let the government take charge instead.


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