Why the “Small Business Job and Credit Act of 2010” is un-needed stimulus.

I see this bill as a last ditch effort of the current congress to give more money to banks before they loose some of their majority power. Common sense tells us that doing more of the same gets you the same result.
Congress passed the stimulus and TARP bills based on getting money to the banks so they can loan money to businesses, and it did not work. If one trillion dollars does not stimulate the banks to loan money what difference would $30billion do?
Banks don’t loan right now because they are being stricter on their requirements, which is how it should have been all along. Once the free market makes the adjustments to these stricter requirements they will start qualifying for loans and the banks will make those loans. This is how you build a healthy economy, banks make loans to strong companies and those companies pay back the loans on time so the banks can re-loan the money to the next strong business.
It is unfortunate that we have to go through the pain of correcting the market, but it was the deferred responsibility of past generations that has landed this responsibility on our laps. We can either do the right thing and deal with it now, or we can push it on the next generation which seams to be the plan of the current administration.
Stimulus = procrastination

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