How to improve America, Part 2

Today I will attack the largest whole we throw American tax money down, the defense budget. Let me start off by saying that I served in the US Army, proudly a member of a M1-A1 Abrams tank crew. I gained more from my time in the Army more than any other time in my life.

With my time in service I was stationed in Mannheim Germany. While there I saw the effects of a foreign military occupying land, the effects it has on the people who called that land home. That is why the first place I would lower the defense budget would be to reduce the number of permanent bases over seas.

I have seen reports that say the US military maintains 800+ permanent bases. I can only image what the budget cost is for those bases, and then add on for the undeclared costs.

I am a supporter of a strong national defense, out national defense. Too many countries rely on our military to defend them. Those countries are then free to spend their tax money on social programs or other projects to improve their industries, they should be either funding their own national defense or pay us for our services.

I would not worry about the loss of jobs to out defense contractors. Like the current administration sale of $90 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, I am confident that American defense companies will find buyers for their widgets.

So in conclusion I would reduce military spending by reducing the number of over seas permanent bases. Either charge foreign nations for our defense of their country or reduce the number of troops we have in their country. We would not need to reduce the number of soldiers we have because we place them in state side bases those local economies would get real stimulus.

Be back tomorrow when Congress will be in my cross hairs. The Washington “swamp” will get a visit from me.


2 thoughts on “How to improve America, Part 2

  1. Are you a Ron Paul style conservative?

    It seems to me that most of the mainstream right won’t go for this part of your platform (defense cuts)

    I agree that in the fairly near term (3-5 years at most) we have to start getting our entitlement in line with what we can afford.

    In some ways I think it would be easier for a “liberal” President like Obama to address this issue than his opponents. I think he’d have more credibility with those who would be the most wary of cuts and why they are needed.

    Whether he’ll do that remains to be shown at this point.

  2. I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say, but I consider my self more of a constitutional conservative. I know that term is being over used, almost as much as “tea party” these days.

    I do not have enough time to tell you about all the waste I saw while in the military, and that was 16 years ago. I think cutting back on military spending can be done without reducing the size of our armed forces.

    The problem with expecting President Obama to make the right cuts is that he is far left of being a liberal, he is solidly in line with Democratic Socialists. He would only cut military spending if it allows him to spend it in another program.

    We need a Chris Christy type president that will cut without looking to move it to another program. Not that Christy is perfect, but I bet you get my use of his style of governance.

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