How to improve America, Part 3

Who causes the most problems in government? No, not Democrats, well…. maybe, but thats not what I was going for. Career politicians is what I was thinking.

When out country was founded it was business owners that where involved in representing their states and communities in congress. They got paid just enough to cover some of their expenses while in Philadelphia, NY or where ever they where meeting at that time. It was looked at as a duty to go to congress to represent your community and not as a career path.

Today congress gets paid $174,000/year and up, and that does not count kick backs and benefits. You even get to hire your friends to be assistants for $100k/year also. There are too many benefits to making politics a career.

So let me get out my magic constitution wand and make some changes. First we change the salary of the representatives. They should get paid equal to the national average. Whats a better way to make politicians interested in better the economy than to make their pay rate tied to it. We also reduce the number of aids they can employ and limit their salary, if the rep needs additional help they can hire them with their own money or ask for volunteers. I think if we take away the financial benefits of being a politician you will repel leeches.

Second we will need to reduce the benefits they receive. Congressmen should get the best medical care we can provide while they are in office. Once they are out of congress they should have to purchase their own insurance policies. Reps should be expected to contribute to a 401k program, with a 4% match, instead of a pension program.

Lastly, for those that are drunk on power, we need to implement term limits. Off the top of my head I would say 12 years. 2 terms in the Senate, 6 terms in the House or any combination that equals 12 years. This is generous and I would be open to 2 terms in either branch, but this is negotiable.

Here are the highlights of my plan:

  • Reduce salaries to equal national average.
  • Reduce the number of aids and the pay those aides get from the tax payers.
  • Reduce benefits, i.e. health and retirement plans.
  • Term limits.

2 thoughts on “How to improve America, Part 3

  1. These are great ideas.

    Its so true. Representatives had a regular job and were required to meet at least once as a state representative… Its insane how far we’ve come from what the founding fathers had established.

  2. I agree. They should maybe be paid the average for the state they “represent”. Actually I would consider them as independent contractors and not employees of the Federal Government. They should get paid but benefits would be on their own. If they were employees they would be doing what they were hired to do. That being said they are picked for a term and do what they want. The entire system is upside down and inside out.
    Bob A.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site.

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