Post Election Thoughts.

I would like to congratulate all those that have won their respective elections. I know that both Republican and Democrat representatives had tough races to compete in and I am certain that those that voted for did so because they expect you to act in their good interests.

To those that did not need to be elected this year because of your senate term, pay attention to what the people have said this election cycle. The opinion of the people changes more than every 4 or 6 years, that is why we still have elections every 2 years. If you where elected in 2008 you where a part of a campaign of Hope and Change, not reinvention, don’t continue to over reach.

For those that where elected in 2006, start preparing now for 2012. The American people will be paying attention to ever vote you place and every speech you make. You will be held accountable for your every action, don’t just toe the party line.

To the Democrat minority in the house. Pay attention to what caused you to loose the majority so quickly. The American people as a whole do not want a bigger government or socialist programs. Do not try to force your classroom theories in to the real life of the American people. Most of those Utopian ideas you think make sens have been tried and proven to fail. Instead of trying to reinvent America in your Utopian society, just try to fix the system to benefit those that are willing to do the work to earn those benefits.

Remember that you still have the majority in the senate and a party member in the white house. You still hold the flag of leadership in this country and if things do not get better you will see more of your team mates get benched in the next elections. If you try to pass the buck to the Republicans because they control one of the two congressional bodies, you will fail. The American people are smarter than you give them credit for.

To the Republican majority in the house. Do not take this as support for Republican ideas, this election was about supporting American ideas and we chose to use the Republican party to be our vehicle to protect our country. Listen to the newly elected representatives and follow their lead, do not try and force them to follow the failed leadership that cost you the 2006 and 2008 elections. The American people expect you to strengthen those things that make America great economically so we can take care of those in our community that need the help. We do not need the government to care for our neighbors, we can handle it on our own if you let us. What we can’t do is keep leeches from taking advantage of us.

To the Republican minority in the Senate. The gains made this year where still great and those shell shocked Democrats that survived should be more open to listen to what we have to say now, take this time to build positive relationships. This is not the time to rub their faces in the fact that in 2 years they could loose more, now is the time to open their eyes to the message Americans are portraying.

To the American people. Thank you to those that took the time to vote, your vote made a difference. To those that did not vote, shame on you. Deciding to make no choice is still a choice. Sitting on the sidelines while your country is sinking puts more of the responsible for the failures on your shoulders than on those trying to fix things. You have two years to get a grip, educate yourself on the issues and join the rest of us in our duty to vote in 2012.

To those that did vote, I hope the President paid attention more to our voice than to those closes to him. He works for us not for them. Remember that this is only round one, it took the progressives 100 years to get us to the state we are in now, it will take us at least that long for us to fix it. Do not relax, now is the time to continue pushing forward and holding every elected representative accountable for every vote they make. In 2 years all the house reps will be back to reapply for their jobs. Another third of the senate will be reapplying for theirs and so will the president.

It is a bright day in America today. Democracy still works and the Republic still has hope. It feels good to be a part of something good. Laus Deo.


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