Day 1

Today the new class of congressional representatives will be sworn in. Thinks to the hard work of the majority of American voters we saw the largest turn over of party representatives in 60 years. We voted for these reps based on fiscal conservative policies and a return to constitutional government. Today is day 1 of that plan.

We will look at each piece of legislation that comes out of the house to make sure they are sticking to that plan. We will hold the DNC controlled Senate responsible for either supporting the American people or opposing it. We will see how the president handles the legislation when it does get to him, will he stick to his party loyalty or allow the people’s voice to be heard.

In two years the president will have to re-apply for his job and will have to defend his decisions. In the senate 23 Democrats and 10 Republicans will be up for re-election, and of course the entire House of Representatives will be back at the polls again. Those that made their voice heard in November 2010 will need to continue to make sure they are heard in November 2012.

Any rep that does not stick to what we told them we wanted them to do will need to be replaced. Those that do we will reward with continued employment. I love the American system.

Government works when the govern are involved.



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