Why do we need congressional term limits?

Lets look at Michigan’s 15 congressional district. The district was created in 1933 and the fine people of Michigan elected Democrat John Dingell Sr. Mr Dingell served for 22 years, until his passing in 1955. A special election was held and Mr Dingall’s son, John Dingell Jr, was elected. Junior has served in that disctrict ever since. So for the last 77 years a Dingell has been the only represenative of the people of Michigan’s 15th congressional district. Do you really believe the Dingell family knows what it is like to live, work and make a living in Michigan? Does John Dingell Jr really know what the people of Michigan need in order to promote general welfare of the private citizens?

We have a political aristocratic class in this country and it is supported by the fact that a majority of people vote based on name recognition. So first incumbents have an upper-hand and then second, because we over pay our representatives, the wealthy can afford more advertisements to get their name heard more. Incumbents also get name recognition because they get television coverage and news coverage while in office.

So you need to contact your representative and demand they support congressional term limits. You can read a sample of term limit legislation here, suggest your rep read this also.

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2 thoughts on “Why do we need congressional term limits?

  1. Term limits would be a huge step towards getting “everyday” people in true public service.

    I think we should also repeal the 17th Admendment and stop popularly electing Senators who then just act like Congressmen on steroids. Senators were supposed to protect the states, not grow the federal government.

    Lastly, I would enforce the post office rules and say no building or structure can be named after a politician until 10 years after their death. I bet the people in harlem take Charlie Rangel street to the Charlie Rangel community center to vote.

  2. Who say’s America has no Royalty or Nobility? Just different names and titles. Most of the founders are rolling in their graves if it is possible they know.

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