You have to love the administration of “change”

Yet again, the Barack Obama White House demonstrates that they have no intention of changing politics in Washington. After filling most cabinet and advisory posts with Clinton retreads or Wall street bankers, he does it again. Lets see if this sounds like someone you would hire to change politics in Washington…

New White House cheif of staff William M. Daley is first the son of a former Chicago mayor and brother of the out going mayor of Chicago, good family roots that show a motivation to change the political system. He is currently the top executive at JPMorgan Chase, where he is paid as much as $5 million a year and supervises the Washington lobbying efforts of the nation’s second-largest bank. He also serves on the board of directors at Boeing, the giant military contractor, and Abbott Laboratories, the global drug company, which has billions of dollars at stake in the overhaul of the health care system. Is that the resume of someone that intends to change Washington? or is this more politics as usual?

You will have to decide, will you support the Democrat business as usual or will you get involved and demand real change.


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