Military Industrial Complex pays off for Immelt

CNN: “The White House will announce a new economic advisory council on Friday, one that will be headed by Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO and chairman of General Electric.”

Lets not forget, as CEO and chairman of GE Immelt is also the head of:

  • NBC Universial (yes, MSNBC, the media arm of the DNC)
  • Telemundo Communications Group Inc
  • GE Global Insurance Holding Corporation (partner of JP Morgan Chase, TARP recipient)
  • GE is in the top 20 of US defense contractors, getting over $2billion/year in contracts
  • GE Medical Global Technology Co., LLC (expected to get contracts from Obamacare funding)
This is only the tip of the iceburg. GE is an umbrella company that also has controlling interest in British medical firms, Canadian technology companies, Mexican aerospace interests and many other foreign subsidies.
It’s good to see that the Democrats are all in favor of continuing Bush’s support for the military-industrial complex. Is this the change you hoped for?

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