Obamacare, so good that Barrack gives waivers to 733 groups.

I love seeing all the bloggers and news channels that keep putting out the DNC party message that Americans want Obamacare. I seam to remember a poll that was taking on November 2, 2010 when the majority of Americans told Washington what we thought of Obamacare.

But to make sure the point gets across to the Dem-sheeple, let’s use the facts from a government report. So far the great Department of Health and Human Services reports they have given waivers to 733 entities, this includes corporations, unions and other employment groups. Those 733 groups represent over 2 million Americans who will not be covered by Obamacare restrictions to their medical insurance. I guess thats the price the DNC has to pay in order to be able to force the rest of America to fund their socialist project.

Ok, so I may come across as a bit angry, this is because I am. I am tired of the government telling me what I can and can’t do with the money I earn for my service. I am employed by a company that gets taxed for having me on their payroll. Then I get taxed for earning money. I also get taxed when I want to spend that money, and if I happen to save some of that money so I can pass it on to my children when I pass, the government wants to tax it again. How many times should Uncle Sam be allowed to take from the same dollar?

I have a easy solution to this problem, give Americans the option to opt out of any federal program they do not want to participate in. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare or any future program they can come up with in order to get their hands into my wallet. I will freely sign a contract that allows me to keep the money taken from my paycheck to fund those programs and in return I will not receive any of those “benefits”. I should be FREE to make that decision and suffer the consequences of that decision.

This is what it means to be a free adult in America. You are free to make decisions and to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

Of course the socialists in Washington will not allow us to have that choice because their system would collapse with out the forced participation of as many people as possible. Enough is enough.


4 thoughts on “Obamacare, so good that Barrack gives waivers to 733 groups.

  1. You should be angry and I am right their with you. We have a long fight ahead for all true patriots. It is going to costly fight. As with the founding fathers, many of them put it all on line, they went broke. Freedom is worth it. I told my wife years ago, we will live under a bridge first before I take welfare from this Government. This an attitude that must be taught, our children, friends, family and associates must be educated to the folly of socialism,communism, or any of the governments of tyranny. If we can get the majority of small to mid size business owners to refuse to pay their taxes,this would shut the government down and bring them to the table. As a minority stockholder/partner in my business, I know how much we send the government every week in payroll taxes alone, much less all of the other taxes, license, fee’s and burdensome regulatory cost in doing business. Keep up the fight.

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  3. There is a lot of room for anyone to look at State and Federal spending and see how it could be more efficient or more productive. And getting frustrated about how to fix that problem is understandable…

    What is not understandable is how anyone can think they earned their pay all by themselves, without any aid from previous or current government expenditures. So depending upon where you begin, taxes could be seen as paying for what has already been given to you, or as a down payment on commonwealth improvements for those who will come after you…

    You passion would be a lot more useful trying to figure out how to influence government activities than repeating this silly chant of “its my money”.

  4. Thank you for commenting on my post. I appreciate your view and think we are not too far apart on this.

    “taxes could be seen as paying for what has already been given to you”, nothing has been given to me, I work to earn everything I have.

    All public services in my community is paid for with my earnings, the government does not have anything to give me that I do not have to pay for with my own earnings.

    “You passion would be a lot more useful trying to figure out how to influence government activities than repeating this silly chant of “its my money”.” I am putting my passion in influencing the government, influencing it to get out of the way of productive Americans so we can create opportunities for the less fortunate.

    Social welfare in the hands of bureaucrats is a poisonous snake, and no matter how hard you try and control it once day you will get too close and it will bite you. Instead the charge of helping the less fortunate in our community should be our personal responsibility.

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