Let it begin, What are you looking for in an ideal president?

As more and more people start to announce their candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination Americans will need to start asking what they are looking for in their next president.

In my opinion there are 6 main issues that we need to focus on, find a candidate that will attack those issues as you would want them to and then promote that candidate. Here is my list, not in order of importance:

1. Economy. The federal government effects the national economy, positively or negatively, and we need a president that will champion the positive effects.

2. National Debt. If we fix the economy we will fix the national debt, but we need to find a president that understands what the national debt represents and considers it as important as you do.

3. Military involvement over seas. Whether that is the wars in the middle east, the police actions in Africa or the numerous over seas permanent bases.

4. Federal budget. I look at this separately from the economy and the debt because what we need to consider is the constitutionality of what our federal government is spending our money on. From Medicaid to Social Security, from stem cell research to public education. We need to have a president that will champion the cause of a federal budget that is constitutional.

5. Foreign relations. How involved should we be with other nations? We need a president that will handle treaties and trade along the lines of how we would handle them.

6. The Federal Reserve. This one is more specific than the others. We need a president that will clearly define the role the Federal reserve plays in our national economy and policy making.

This election, like all those in our past, is one of the most important of our lives. It is an amazing privilege that founders ensured for us through their hard work, and we now have a responsibility to cast an informed vote. It is better to learn about the candidates now and find the one that champions your ideas before the commercials take to the air waves.


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