Are we reaching a point of no return?

No matter where you fall in the debate over Israel and Palestine, you have to admit that our current president is not handling this properly.

It is not appropriate for the president of one country to come out with a statement to the world about his intentions on how to deal with another country prior to speaking. I guess this is the level of foreign diplomacy you get from a 1/3 term senator turned president.

I think my worries really kicked in when I heard a statement from Netanyahu today:

“Peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle East reality,”

Do you feel comfortable with President Obama driving our country toward those Middle Eastern Rocks?

I only hope that the people of Israel understand that this President does not speak for the majority of Americans, and November 2012 will give us an opportunity to shown them that.


2 thoughts on “Are we reaching a point of no return?

  1. When President Obama spoke before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, he stressed that the 1967 border lines between Israel and Palestine would have to be adjusted based upon land swaps and current geographical population. After hearing that speech Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a statement of support for the Presidents goals for the two eternally-warring factions and committed to work with him to renew negotiations. I am an Independent-cum-Republican, but I do support President Obama on this and other issues because he is right – and correct too.

  2. Remember though, Barack made this new statement after having sat down with Netanyahu. A smarter president would have sat down, or at least made a phone call first before getting in front of cameras and making America look stupid.

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