President Obama looks to deregulation to help spur economy

source “The Obama administration announced 30 plans Thursday to scale back or eliminate hundreds of federal regulations and save American companies billions of dollars in unnecessary costs.”

I can’t wait for the big government progressives to complain about this one… oh wait, they won’t because their beloved sheppard is the one deregulating.

I don’t care what party is making America a business friendly economy, as long as something gets done. One of the problems conservatives have been suggestion for years now is that there is too much redundant regulations that cost companies millions in compliance costs.

But it is not just me that is skeptical that the President is looking for real change this time: “Regulatory experts and corporate America will be looking to see whether the administration has paid lip service to the idea of scaling back unnecessary regulations or has in fact taken meaningful steps.”

Don’t you love when we get closer to election time and progressives change their game plan: “Obama, cognizant that political attitudes in Washington had turned against using government spending to stimulate the economy, turned to business earlier this year. He dedicated his State of the Union to the notion of American competitiveness, and followed that up with speeches on education and green technology, which he said were crucial to assuring the nation’s top spot in the global economy.” I guess we should hold presidential elections every year so that maybe we can get them to listen to us more often.   (That was sarcastic, I really don’t want yearly elections.)

I hope that this is not to little to late and that we will see more clean up of over regulation.


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