China Opens the Door for Foreign Healthcare Providers

China has been finding out over the last decade that government financed central planning does not work. From their “ghost cities” to the empty worlds largest mall, they are now looking at how to solve their failing public healthcare system. And where have they turned to fix their healthcare problems? That right, the private free market.

(source) The government of China has announced that it is to encourage the development of the private healthcare sector in the country. The news paves the way for foreign firms to gain greater access to the Chinese private healthcare market.

The news comes from the State Council – China’s cabinet office – which is backing investment from the private sector in a bid to meet the growing demand for healthcare services in the country. The new policy will provide overseas healthcare companies, with more flexibility in establishing a new business within the private health sector.

[Even the central planning of China has learned that state run health care does not work and have been moving toward a private health insurance system like America had before Obamacare.]

The move by the Chinese government is designed to encourage investment from overseas business to meet the increasing demand for private healthcare services in the country stemming from its rapidly expanded economy. Economic expansion has brought increased affluence among the population of China, which in return has lead to a growth in demand for private healthcare. Now the Chinese government has opened the door for foreign investment by providing greater freedom for the establishment of private healthcare institutions in the country.

Part of the reform will enable foreign firms to invest more financial capital in healthcare institutions in China, with the government making the process of establishing a business in the private sector easier and quicker to achieve in an attempt to ensure healthcare demands are met.

The Chinese authority’s decision to cut the red tape in the planning process for foreign companies engaged in the provision of healthcare in China is intended to ensure that the country’s healthcare needs are met partly by easing some the pressure on the Chinese public healthcare system.

[Even China is figuering out that too much government regulations scare away private investors and the government can not make up the differance.]

As constraints are eliminated, the intention is for foreign healthcare providers to establish larger-scale hospitals throughout China – to be run alongside smaller healthcare facilities – leading to an overall improvement in medical services across the country. Also the provision of foreign-run hospitals is planned to play an important role in meeting the needs of patients seeking higher standards of healthcare services.

As the new policy is implemented and a positive effect on the Chinese healthcare sector is delivered, patients will be rewarded with a better choice of medical care, with benefits to be gained from overseas expertise.

[China has been suffering from lack of access to basic healthcare because even the Chinese government can not handle the cost of public healthcare.]


But of course the Democrats hold up centrally planned societies like China as templates for America’s future. What they fail to comprehend is that those governments are learning that central planning does not work and that only a free market can support a free society.

So we have a choice, do you want to live in a free society or a centrally planned one? I choose freedom.


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