Why do progressives miss the big picture?

I read an interesting article about the failed stimlus, you know.. the one the progressives said was not big enough.

On Friday the white house published a report about the performance of the stimulus and it made me want to cry. First tehy state it “saved or created” 2.4 million jobs. All though I think there number gathering system is deeply flawed, lets give them their number for this exercise.

The report then claims to have only cost the American tax payers $666 billion dollars, for the Christians in the house that is a fitting number for this pork bill.

So lets do the math, that means that the Democrats spent $278,000 / per job, and then they still have the gull to say they needed to spend more. We could have simply cut checks for $100,000 for each job they claim to have “saved ro created” and the American tax payers would have still spent $427 billion less.

Government, the biggest waste of money ever thought of.


(source article)


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