No wonder Obama does not know how to help the economy.

Want to know why the President keeps making all the wrong decisions when it comes to what it takes to allow the economy to recover? Look at his advisors.

Jeffrey Immelt was asked to serve as an advisor to the president in matters of job creation.

“When President Obama announced his decision to appoint Immelt to the unpaid advisory role on job creation in January, some critics wondered whether the move was appropriate. Under his leadership, GE laid off 21,000 American workers and closed 20 factories between 2007 and 2009. More than half of GE’s workforce is now outside the United States.”

But then again Jeffrey is doing something good for the president, he provides a poster boy for “evil” big corporations. I mean they made billions in profit and paid zero in corproate taxes. Maybe this has something to do with it:

“The companies (google and GE) are pressing policymakers to back new energy standards as President Obama signed a $787 billion economic stimulus measure Tuesday that includes at least $61 billion in funding for so-called clean-energy projects. GE, which has spent more money on U.S. lobbying over the past decade than any other company”

I guess instead of paying taxes they use that money to hire lobbiests and to support political campaigns. How nice of them.

Oh, and what tax loophole do they enjoy the most? “It benefits from green-energy credits on its wind turbines, for example, and it gets a nice break on the the rate its jet engines depreciate.”

So I guess there should be no surprise that President Obama keeps ignoring the majority of American people that are asking for the government to get out of the way of job creation and keeps listening to his big corproate advisors.

Wake up sheeple, the Democrats are not working for the people, they are working for wall street bankers and big corporations that ship jobs over seas.




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