What conservatives mean when they say…

“The government needs to get out of the way so the economy can fix itself.”

As seen over the last several months, the private sector wants to create jobs and is trying to do so despite the attempts of Washington to stifle that growth. Could you image how many jobs could be created if the private sector was given the room to grow that is asks for?

A recent survey of small businesses shows us what those that want to create jobs think.

Reuters:¬†“Almost two-thirds — 64 percent — of companies with income of $25 million or less do not plan to hire more workers over the next year, the poll conducted for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said.

Nineteen percent said they planned to add new employees, but only 12 percent said they expected to lose workers in the next year. That figure is well below the 29 percent who said they lost employees over the past year, according to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the Chamber.

Economic uncertainty was the biggest, or second biggest, obstacle to hiring more workers for 55 percent of the respondents. Some 34 percent cited an expected lack of sales as the first or second reason.

Other reasons cited included the U.S. debt and deficit, President Barack Obama’s 2010 healthcare measure, over-regulation and high taxes.”

Yes, I expect the Keynesian children to highlight the minority 34% that said it was lack of sales, but those few would see an increase in sales of the 55% majority saw less uncertainty, and how do we do that? Look to the last paragraph.

US debt and deficit, Obamacare, over regulation and high taxes. US debt and deficit is the responsiblity of Washington to get under control, Obamacare shows the intrusion of government to syphon off of the producers in order to grow central planning and over regulation and high taxes are examples of Washington trying to slow down the economy.

Now for the comprehension impaired reading this, they are not asking to remove all regulations so they can poison the water supply (Washington is doing that enough all ready), they are saying that OVER regulating is the issue. They are also not calling for zero taxes, the issue is high taxes (you know, the ones Obama’s friends at GE don’t need to pay but small businesses do).


Instead of listening to phds and politicians who create nothing, why not try listening to the people who own and run businesses. They are the ones that are doing the hard work that makes American great, let them do more. When the American entrepreneur fixes the economy, who ever is in the White House can take whatever credit they want.

“Eighty-four percent of the small business owners surveyed said the U.S. economy is on the wrong track, and nearly 80 percent said they viewed the current regulatory environment as unreasonable.

However, almost two-thirds of the respondents said their own businesses were on the right track.”

Americans want to succeed, why do politicians keep getting in the way?


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