Dodd-Frank to pull billions out of economy and cost 1000’s in jobs

As the SEC starts to regulate hedge funds more those top hedge funds are dumping clients to avoid regulation. Two such hedge funds are the George Soros owned Quantum Group and Carl Icahn’s Icahn Fund Management. Both of these hedge fund groups will dump billions in investor money to be able to classify themselves as “Family” fund management companies and avoid SEC regulations. Once they dump those investor’s funds they will also layoff client support professionals and other investment specialists adding to our unemployment.

So thank you again Sen Dodd and Rep Frank for chasing more money out of the American economy and causing more people on to the government welfare system. I’m sure they will find some way to blame bush for these losses eventually.

Before you get the wrong impression, I do believe that the SEC is needed and regulating the investment industry is a good thing. Unfortunately Washington does not know what they are doing and out entire regulatory departments need an over haul. There is a better way to do this without causing investors get a better return by putting their money in over seas industries and allowing American companies to go under.


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