hypocrisy of the lunatic left

I have noticed that since the left succeeded in getting Barack Obama elected to the position of President they had a presumption that their time had come. Unfortunately for them, the American people where not as asleep as they had hoped.

When Sen Obama and Sen McCain left the campaign trail to pass the bank bailout, now known as “TARP”, the American majority stirred and began to awaken. When the most “progressive” president since FDR was elected the American majority whipped away the slumber from their eyes and started to look around. Then the wake up call happened, the Obama “stimulus” passed, the American majority started to get to work.

It was too little too late to stop the socialist healthcare plan, Obamacare, from passing but the left had to strain their neck to look up at the giant they had awaken. Ever since then they have resorted to name calling and false labeling to try and marginalize the giant that was now trying to defend it’s home.

Once the giant of the American majority changed the majority in the House and weakened the majority in the Senate in 2010, trying to get a message to Washington that we where finished supporting the growth of government and the unbelievably out of control national debt. We demand that they get our national deficit under control and they ignored us, now we have to get back to work.

All this work by the awaken giant of the American majority has been wearing away at the nerves of the lunatic left. Their weak self confidence is starting to show for the farce that it is. They project their own flaws onto their perceived “enemies” and then turn a blind eye to their own transgressions.

Lets show an example. The president got on to live television to give one of his meager speeches that so impress his sheeple about how Americans need to have a more civil discourse. Then he stands off stage as James Hoffa calls for the unions to be an army for Obama to use to wage war against the “tea party SOB’s”. What is their response? Point out false perceptions of “violent rhetoric” on the right, while never commenting on Hoffa’s comments. You have to admire the level of hypocrisy they can demonstrate and still feel good about themselves.

Now today the queen of hypocrisy opens her mouth and lets the dung fly. Here is the context, the GOP has decided that they will televise a rebuttal to President Obama’s “jobs” speech on Thursday. So Nancy heads to the nearest pulpit to fling her false accusations, “The Republicans’ refusal to respond to the president’s proposal on jobs is not only disrespectful to him, but to the American people,”. So she is saying that because the GOP does not plan to dissent with the President publicly that they are being disrespectful? How twisted must your brain be to think this is an intelligent thing to say out loud?

If I was considering voting DNC in 2012 I would be embarrassed by these fools that represent your party. There are fools and RINOs that the GOP needs to rid themselves of, but there is so many in the DNC that it would take many elections to get rid of them all.

Remember, November 2012 will be here quicker then you think  and every day from now till then counts. We need to get the lunatics out of Washington. Find a candidate that represents the American majority and promote them. Find neighbors and family members that plan to sit home on election day and drive them to the polling areas. The lunatics are banking on American laziness, lets prove them wrong. Lets show them that the giant remains awake and the giant wants it’s country back!


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