Vladimir Putin would make a good Democrat

Is it just me or is Vladimir Putin sounding more and more like Barrack Obama, or is it the other way around?

Putin said on Wednesday that “in these circumstances, the ruling party always expects the opposition to behave in a calm manner and not to rock the boat. But these are vain hopes.

“The opposition exists to make sure that the ruling party, the ruling authorities could hold on to the levers of power more strongly and prove to society the correctness of the country’s development course,” he concluded as deputies rose from their seats to applaud. (source)

Recently President Obama started to move forward with his own ideas with out letting congress debate and vote on these new policies.

“The only way we can truly attack our economic challenges is with bold, bipartisan action in Congress,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told The New York Times.

“The president will continue to pressure Congressional Republicans to put country before party and pass the American Jobs Act, but he believes we cannot wait, so he will act where they won’t.” (source)

When will people realize that our leaders are not working for us any longer. We need public servants in Washington, not dictators.

Democrats? Are you nervous that your party leaders sound a lot like the communists in Russia?


One thought on “Vladimir Putin would make a good Democrat

  1. Democrats should be nervous about that and Republicans should be nervous that their party leaders sound more like the execs at AIG, Goldman sachs and Freddie Mac – either way, the constituent is ignored.

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