Obama acting like a conservative?

Must be getting close to election time, the President is acting more like a conservative. It happens every time we get closer to election time, politicians act more like conservatives because they know we are the American majority.

Here is the action of the President that I am talking about. It has been a conservative idea for a long time that we need to give tax breaks to companies to encourage them to move jobs back to mainland America, what is the President’s “new” idea? “Obama Calls for Tax Breaks to Return Jobs From Abroad“. This story is from the NYT:

WASHINGTON — President Obama said on Wednesday that he would propose tax incentives for companies to bring home manufacturing jobs they had moved overseas, and curtail tax breaks for those that keep relocating jobs abroad.

Does this mean he will finally admit that high corporate taxes are causing American companies to outsource jobs over seas? Of course not. But if he thinks tax incentives will bring jobs back wouldn’t you think the truth would finally dawn on him. I have hope that it will some day.

There is also the story out today from WaPost “Obama to propose combining agencies to shrink federal government“, what? Is he going to admit that the federal government is too bloated and is wasting money by having redundant departments? Probably not, it would go against his ideology and cause his head to explode if he was confronted with so much truth. Honestly, as long as he goes through with these proposals I don’t care what he admits.

The truth is that every politician knows that the majority in America are conservatives and they need to make themselves look as conservative as possible come election time to draw at least the moderates to their side. If the liberals and progressives where the majority we would see more government take over of industries during election seasons, which we never do. You won’t see the president run on the success of Obamacare in October because he knows the majority of Americans don’t want government take over of healthcare.

If the conservative majority just realized we have the power in America still we can get the dirt bags in Washington to do the right things with that power. Send a strong message in November by only voting for those that have either demonstrated consistent conservative voting record or are new politicians that run on conservative values. I don’t care what party they are in, if they fit either of those criteria they will get my vote and they should get yours.

2012 is the year of the Dragon in China, but it is the year of the Conservative in America.


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