Lawrence O’Donnell has lost all credibility, along with MSNBC

In a recent interview with Alvin Greene, the DNC candidate for the US Senate, Mr O’Donnell showed that he will do anything to promote the DNC. Even when faced with a ridiculous joke of a candidate Mr O’Donnell still endorses him. Watch the video linked below for a good laugh:’donnell/39624000#39624000

The fact that MSNBC allowed this comedy to be on their “news” channel destroys their credibility also. Don’t get me wrong, FOX news has done lot to promote the GOP, but nothing to the level of this. Mr O’Donnell should be shipped off to the DNC retirement home for broadcasters called current TV along with the other joke he replaced.

If my post sounds upset it is because someone will watch this interview and believe that Mr O’Donnell’s opinion matters. Someone out there will watch MSNBC and think they are getting unbiased news. People need to wake up to the fact that all cable “news” channels are money making businesses that will cater to a view in order to sell advertising time. FOX caters to a GOP audience and MSNBC to the DNC. Please people, do not take what any of these channels say as fact until you have verified it through other sources.

Form your own opinion!



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