Why does the Obama administration get away with so much discrimination?

If your of Hispanic decent, how do you feel knowing that Obama’s Attorney general thinks your too stupid to get a photo id?

The Justice Department has blocked a new law in Texas requiring voters to show a photo ID, saying that it disproportionately harms Hispanic residents. (source)

That’s right. They believe that it is ok to allow the dead, foreigners and illegal immigrants vote in election because they say Hispanics are too stupid to know how to get a photo id.

Of course Obama believes that blacks in America will vote for him base solely on his skin color, much like Samuel L Jackson did (see my previous post). All he thinks he needs to do is launch a website, http://www.barackobama.com/african-americans/, and then he figures blacks will be too stupid to vote with knowledge and vote based on skin color. By the way, there is a Hispanics for Obama site also, guess he hopes he can rally people around a “anyone but whitey” vote.

This president is the most racially discriminating since Woodrow Wilson. And if you are white he will play you against other whites based on income. This president is tearing American apart along any lines he can find. Of course you will not hear any of this on television, which is the source of information for 90% of voters. The other 10% either know this already or will ignore it out of fear that their team will loose an election.

Stop voting party lines and lets get America back. This administration is moving us along the wrong road and we are nearing a dead end. God save America!


One thought on “Why does the Obama administration get away with so much discrimination?

  1. People without picture IDs can’t:

    buy alcohol

    buy cigarettes

    get on a plane

    get on a train

    get Medicaid

    open a bank account

    attend a Democratic Party campaign fundraiser

    But to require it to vote, per the lib-progs, is depriving all sorts of people of their civil rights.

    Just wondering who are all of those homeless, sober, cash-only, pedestrians are that are being deprived and if they are really are keeping up with who the people who are trying to run the country? and if they are THAT disconnected from the normal infrastructure that the rest of us use and is such an integral part of our lives, do they even care who is running the government?

    Bet we could pay for the picture IDs for that dozen or so folks in the whole country that fit that description that actually WANT to vote a lot cheaper than filing all those lawsuits that let them vote without ID along with the folks doing voter fraud.

    Folks like the 1200 felons that voted for Al Franken, that ended up allowing him to be the 60th vote to bestow Obamacare on an ungrateful country.

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