Spotlight on censorship

I have noticed recently that a lot of WordPress blogs do not publish comments until they are approved by the blog owner, not a bad feature when used properly. Unfortunately I have also noticed a lot of sites that won’t publish your comment if it goes against their ideas.

Today I want to spot light a blog post at

Community Organizer

The Obama haters have, for 4 years used the term “community organizer” as a pejorative and not a job. Now Romney is throwing a tizzy because people are being made aware of what his record was as a vulture capitalist.  He says it is now off limits.

But what is America, is it a corporation, meant to be profit driven for the board of directors and the rich investors and aiming to cut costs by slashing wages and benefits for the rest? If that’s the case and it’s about the money, then outsourcing is much cheaper.

In reality America is a community, made up of people from all walks of life and in all sorts of predicaments as they struggle to improve their lives and count on someone to organize the nation to include them.

While Romney was looting pension funds and having them replaced by tax payer dollars in essence taking your money for his pocket, Obama was the organizer of a population larger than the population of Alaska and worked for $30.000 a year.

Job Description:

  1. He organized training to help people find work, education to improve people’s literacy and improve their prospects, organized legal council to settle disputes.
  2. He empowered the least in the community by giving them a voice and the power of numbers to support them.
  3. He organized food banks, free clinics, food delivery for the infirmed and aged, activity centers where people could meet and develop social skills and break the isolation of poverty along with the ability to network.
  4. He provided access to those that couldn’t find it and clothing exchanges to make people more presentable for job applications, child minding centers and referral centers for people that need legal, financial and medical care.
  5. He, organized transport for the elderly, home visits and home care.
  6. He taught people how to budget their income and balance their books, because that’s what community organizers do and they do a heck of a great service for all that need them.

He did this for $30.000 a year, even though he was a top grad at the top law school im America and could have taken a million dollar a year job as first pick from every legal company in America.

And yet his job was sold as a negative, not a real job in spite of the long hours, the pain of watching people suffer and the joy of seeing the burdens lifted off their shoulders as their lives improved.

I’d rather see a national community than a corporation with very rich and disposable worker cogs.

So go ahead Barack tell the truth about Mitt because his side of politics have made high ideals and helping on principle, a negative.

Now, I made the mistake of thinking my comment would get published so I did not save it anywhere. But the abbreviated version of my comment was something like this:

My problem with President Obama’s experience is that he has NEVER come up with a solution to a problem that did not include Government intervention. He has spent his entire time as a community organizer telling people that the government will solve their problems and that all they have to do it tell their politicians what they want and they can get it.

In the real world we need to teach people how to think for themselves and earn their own living and not wait for some faceless government to take care of them. We should be creating an environment that rewards hard work and not reward laziness.

After waiting some time I posted another comment informing the blogger that I was interested in hearing from them on this subject and still no response. My comment has not been posted and they have continued on blogging. I guess it is easy to spout your ideas if your ignore any objection.

I welcome any comments and look forward to people proving me wrong. As long as you do it without name calling or using blatant fallacies (if you do not know what those are go here I will listen to what you have to say and provide you with an honest response.

So to garydorr and other bloggers that block dissent to their ideas I say “shame on you”. Don’t blog if you are afraid to be proven wrong.


11 thoughts on “Spotlight on censorship

  1. You responded to my Joe Biden gaffe blog. I wanted to respond to your comment. I agree with you, he is a racist, I call them gaffes because for political reasons I don’t think he wanted the comments to slip out.

  2. Thank you for responding. Thank you also for recognizing that Biden is a racist. The big problem we are seeing is that as long he gets away with his racism by calling it gaffe, then there will be division when gaffes by republicans are called racism. There needs to be equal standards.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog, do you allow commenting or do you prefer not to have comments on your blog?

  3. @garydorr: and I have the right to call you out on mine. Isn’t America great?

    “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
    William F Buckley Jr.

  4. When it comes to ideology – Conservative or any other I always apply this Biblical Principle: “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

    In other words I compare actions with words to see if they match up.

    Unfortunately and especially with conservatives who make a big deal out of being Christians their actions and words just don’t match up together.

    Here in Georgia on the state and federal level Christian Conservative voters are well known for supporting GOP candidates for political office based on ideology. In spite of their outstanding and glaring ethical violations and lapses: Nathan Deal being the most recent example. I asked one of my Christian coworker’s why he voted for Deal as Governor when he had resigned from congress to avoid a trial on ethics charges and he replied that he didn’t believe they were true. Turns out though that they were not only true but Deal committed more ethic violations during his campaign for governor; and his GOP buddies who control the Georgia State Legislature stopped funding the State Agency overseeing ethics violations in order to stop the investigation.

    The more I observe Conservatives in action as opposed to the ideology they preach and the more I come to understand their economic policies. It seems that their moral hypocrisy is as bottomless as pit of quicksand while their economic policies are the proverbial house built on sand that always ends in a crash and a recession.

  5. No I do not.

    I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church as a child and also attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church after my mother married her second husband who was a member. Out of the 17 different schools I attended in four states four were run by SDA’s. I have been baptized in both faiths and converted to the SDA Faith during my senior year of high school. I have read the entire Bible from cover to cover and many of its books many times since the age of nine and as an adult I went pretty deep into studying not only the Bible but the writings of the early pioneers of the SDA church.

    My decision to leave the Southern Baptist Church left me completely convinced that the pastors serving in the churches my family attended were deliberately lying and misapplying scripture to bolster their false beliefs concerning the state of the dead, the rapture, Bible prophecy of the end times and many other issues.

    When I decided to leave the SDA church and concentrate on my writing I resigned my membership. But that did not mean that I either lost interest in the Bible or forgot what I have read and in regards to the false prophets of conservative ideology and economic theory; and the followers of Satan – false Christians – who transform themselves into angels of light and have put that knowledge to good use.

    As far as conservative ideology and conservative economic theory is concerned it has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. It is far more dangerous than either liberalism or socialism and will not only lead our nation to ruin but will be a major player in the last day events predicted in the books of Danial and the Revelation. All those who refuse to heed the Father Above’s final call during those events and willfully chose to follow conservative republicans will find their destiny in the lake of fire along with Satan and his angels.

  6. @DaPoet: seeing as you are not a Christian I was steer clear of talking theology, personal preference of mine.

    But lets explore your comment that “conservative economic theory”…”is far more dangerous than either liberalism or socialism”.

    1. What policy of conservatives can be improved by either liberalism or socialism?

    2. Can you name one socialist civilization that has thrived without the benefit of a free market economy to siphon off of?

  7. I don’t know why but over the last few weeks every time I’ve tried to leave a comment on other blogs they wouldn’t post until today. Here are the two comments I tried to post a while back combined together:

    I can understand why you and other conservatives would avoid discussing theology since the Bible and the teaching’s of Christ condemn the very basic tenants of conservative economic theory.

    First off there is no such thing as a free market since the marketplace is either regulated by a government entity that prevents the corporate and financial classes; from stealing from their customers through excessively high prices and enslaving the working classes by paying wages that won’t allow them to support themselves and their families. Or it is controlled by Robber Barons who seek to create conditions within the marketplace to prevent fair competition such as the robber barons of Teddy Roosevelt’s day whom he was forced to break up.

    On the other hand there are no surviving “Pure Democracies either” since the only Democracy established in Athens Greece was destroyed by a superior military power. The United States, Britain, France, Japan etc. etc. all have a form of democracy but are not themselves “Pure Democracies”.

    A better set of questions is: What Prevented Americans From Embracing Socialism and Communism during the Great Depression bought about by the immoral and corrupt excesses of capitalism and the actions of the financial sector, corporate, banking and conservative political classes – namely the republicans?

    What caused the financial sector and the banking, corporate and political class {republicans} to compromise with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Progressive Democratic Party? By enacting the very reforms he championed and which they opposed {Namely the safety regulations that sought to put an end to the callous disregard of human life by the industrialists, the minimum wage laws, social security and unemployment insurance as well as the laws that muzzled the banking, financial and corporate sector that put an end to the boom and bust cycle.} That is until Nixon’s and Carter’s – both of whom were fiscal conservatives – polices of allowing the federal reserve free reign to combat inflation that resulted in the stagflation of the 1970’s. That led to the election of Reagan and his policies of tax cuts and outright refusal to enforce the Glass-Stengal act along with his stealing the money being raised by social security to fund the retirement of the baby boomers. On the advice of Allen Greenspan to hide his growing deficits allowed the resumption of the boom and bust cycle of stock market excess.

    It was the rise of Socialism and Communism in Russia and the rebellion of the common people; who allowed the communists to put the Ruling and Merchant classes to death and seize private property and the means of production.

    In order to prevent the common man in America from embracing socialism and communism and to prevent their own overthrow and deaths at the hands of a mob. The financial sector, the banking,

    corporate and political classes – republicans – compromised with FDR and allowed his reforms that blunted the excesses of both capitalism and conservative economic theory to become law.

    Of course the eventual fall of socialism and communism led to a resurgence and empowering of conservative economic theory; that ultimately led to the meltdown of the economy in 2008 and the election of Obama. Since then the extremism of the Tea Party and the Obstruction of the Republican party led directly to Obama’s reelection in 2012.

    The reason that Conservatives are far more dangerous then liberals is that it will be the social and religious conservatives who impose a National Sunday Law on the rest of the nation. Just as another republican senator – Henry William Blair – attempted to do on behalf of the Woman’s Temperance Coalition in 1888. Thus fulfilling the prophecy in the book of Revelation that depicts the lamb like beast that speaks like a dragon – the US of A – who will make an image to the beast and make all – both small and great to worship it.

  8. @DaPoet: Quick question.. how old are you?

    I’m just wondering because you show a real lack of understanding of world history. Have you studied any of the topics you mention? I mean, have you read about these subjects from more than one source?

    You really create a lot of rabbit trails so let me try and get the conversation going in one direction so that we can make progress:

    Can you name one socialist civilization that has thrived without the benefit of a free market economy to siphon off of?

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