Hey GOP, don’t worry about the hurricane and pay attention to the people!

I live in Central Florida, transplanted from NY 16 years ago. I have been here through the hurricane season of 2004 when we had 4 hurricanes in one season come through our state. In those 16 years I have learned a lot about hurricanes and how to read NOAA project maps and I can assure the members of the GOP that hurricane Isaac will not effect the Tamp Bay area any where near enough to hinder the convention.

First, one of the things I have learned about the weather people, especially in Florida, is that they have a fairly mundane job and they look forward to something exciting to report…. like a hurricane. With that in mind they tend to over report and hype any gust of wind that is heading our way. 90% of the tropical storms that they predict will be a hurricane and make land fall in Florida don’t.

Secondly, tropical storms and hurricanes have a lot of consistency. If you look at the NOAA maps you will see a path that hurricanes in the same season follow, we learned this when 3 separate hurricanes followed the same general path in 2004… was not fun.

So what does this mean for Isaac and the GOP? Isaac is following a southern path below Cuba. This path does not allow the storm to make it’s way to Florida, at least not as anything strong enough to worry about. In fact, the “cone of probability” has already started to shift west, as it will continue to do so. When storms cross over Cuba they break up and weaken, and if they continue north to Florida they do not get re-organize. Usually those storms that go south of Cuba push into the Gulf and either keep west until they hit Mexico or they meander north and hit the gulf coast between the Florida pan handle and Texas.

The storms that go south of Cuba do not hit Tampa Bay as a hurricane unless they are already and cat3 or stronger hurricane when they hit Cuba. Isaac is not even a cat1.

To sum this up, the GOP should just forget about Isaac and pay attention to the people voting in November and balance the budget already! Forget about Aiken, Fluke, skinny dippers or racist demographics and DO YOUR JOB! Americans need a balanced budget and a plan to clear out the national debt, every thing else will take care of itself.


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