I hope they are just ignorate

In a recent post at “Whatever Works” the blog author wrote:

USA! USA! USA! (ssshhhh, don’t let the secret out)
We don’t trust the Congress. We don’t trust the Executive. And since Bush v. Gore and all the 5-4 decisions since, we no longer trust the Supreme Court.

However, by all measures, Americans have a high level of  trust in the U.S. military. Admiration too.

Don’t tell the flag wavers that the United States Military is an entirely Socialist enterprise. It would spoil their fun.

Figuring that my response would be censored I wanted to post it here to fight the lies:

saying that “the United States Military is an entirely Socialist enterprise” is a completely ignorant statement that shows you have no understanding of what Socialism is. If I am wrong, please give a definition of socialism and then show how the US military fits that definition.

Are you up for the challenge?

I hope that the author really is ignorant, because it would be scary if someone would knowingly propagate such lies.


Spotlight on censorship

I have noticed recently that a lot of WordPress blogs do not publish comments until they are approved by the blog owner, not a bad feature when used properly. Unfortunately I have also noticed a lot of sites that won’t publish your comment if it goes against their ideas.

Today I want to spot light a blog post at http://garydorr.wordpress.com/:

Community Organizer

The Obama haters have, for 4 years used the term “community organizer” as a pejorative and not a job. Now Romney is throwing a tizzy because people are being made aware of what his record was as a vulture capitalist.  He says it is now off limits.

But what is America, is it a corporation, meant to be profit driven for the board of directors and the rich investors and aiming to cut costs by slashing wages and benefits for the rest? If that’s the case and it’s about the money, then outsourcing is much cheaper.

In reality America is a community, made up of people from all walks of life and in all sorts of predicaments as they struggle to improve their lives and count on someone to organize the nation to include them.

While Romney was looting pension funds and having them replaced by tax payer dollars in essence taking your money for his pocket, Obama was the organizer of a population larger than the population of Alaska and worked for $30.000 a year.

Job Description:

  1. He organized training to help people find work, education to improve people’s literacy and improve their prospects, organized legal council to settle disputes.
  2. He empowered the least in the community by giving them a voice and the power of numbers to support them.
  3. He organized food banks, free clinics, food delivery for the infirmed and aged, activity centers where people could meet and develop social skills and break the isolation of poverty along with the ability to network.
  4. He provided access to those that couldn’t find it and clothing exchanges to make people more presentable for job applications, child minding centers and referral centers for people that need legal, financial and medical care.
  5. He, organized transport for the elderly, home visits and home care.
  6. He taught people how to budget their income and balance their books, because that’s what community organizers do and they do a heck of a great service for all that need them.

He did this for $30.000 a year, even though he was a top grad at the top law school im America and could have taken a million dollar a year job as first pick from every legal company in America.

And yet his job was sold as a negative, not a real job in spite of the long hours, the pain of watching people suffer and the joy of seeing the burdens lifted off their shoulders as their lives improved.

I’d rather see a national community than a corporation with very rich and disposable worker cogs.

So go ahead Barack tell the truth about Mitt because his side of politics have made high ideals and helping on principle, a negative.

Now, I made the mistake of thinking my comment would get published so I did not save it anywhere. But the abbreviated version of my comment was something like this:

My problem with President Obama’s experience is that he has NEVER come up with a solution to a problem that did not include Government intervention. He has spent his entire time as a community organizer telling people that the government will solve their problems and that all they have to do it tell their politicians what they want and they can get it.

In the real world we need to teach people how to think for themselves and earn their own living and not wait for some faceless government to take care of them. We should be creating an environment that rewards hard work and not reward laziness.

After waiting some time I posted another comment informing the blogger that I was interested in hearing from them on this subject and still no response. My comment has not been posted and they have continued on blogging. I guess it is easy to spout your ideas if your ignore any objection.

I welcome any comments and look forward to people proving me wrong. As long as you do it without name calling or using blatant fallacies (if you do not know what those are go here http://www.fallacydetective.com/) I will listen to what you have to say and provide you with an honest response.

So to garydorr and other bloggers that block dissent to their ideas I say “shame on you”. Don’t blog if you are afraid to be proven wrong.

Democrats want SOPA at all cost!

On January 18, 2012 the voice of the people was heard all over the internet and what they said was “get the government out of the internet!”. Congress was looking to expand its power over the internet and proposed to use two pieces of legislation called SOPA and PIPA as a way to control and stifle free speech on the internet.

Thanks to the effort of the free market and majority rule the voice of the people was heard. Thousands of internet sites “blacked out” their sites as a form of protest. Internet giants such as WikiPedia and Google made their millions of visitors aware of the mess. Many congressmen turned on the legislation as they saw and heard the out pour of anger against it and the legislation was defeated… or so we thought.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid (Democrat from NV) has stated he is working on a new “cyber security” bill to be brought for a vote in 2013. Harry Reid is hoping that if Barrack Obama is re-elected and the Democrats win majority back in the House he will then be able to pass this legislation without opposition.

So a vote for the Democrats in November will be a vote for internet censorship. You won’t hear this on MSNBC or ABC leading up to the election, so you will have to educate yourself. Democrats in Washington want to censor the internet, will you support them?

Dr Linda Burke-Galloway censors opposition.

Recently I was attracted to a post on a blog by Linda Burke-Galloway when she attacked Dr Cassell in Orlando Florida when he expressed his freedom of speech.

Dr Cassell hung a sign in his private office that read “If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere”. Although the good doctor has not turned anyone away that had come to him for care, he wanted to get a point across.

Now that brings us to Linda the blogger. She attacked Dr Cassell with descriptions like “scarlet neck”. Now the oh so honest Linda has since edited her blog to eliminate the “scarlet neck” comment after I challenged her racism.

Now Linda the blogger has gone to the length of censoring me out of her blog when I challenged her statement that she did not call the Dr “stupid” when she had in fact said “He is now hailed as a great “American patriot” but wasn’t smart enough to attend an American medical school.”

So I am glad to see the sanctity of freedom of speech is still alive and well among the progressive liberals in the Democrat party. I understand her right to censor her blog, but she should note on her site that she will censor out any opposition to her view. A note for Dr Linda Burke-Galloway from me, I will not censor you from my blog as long as you keep your language clean.

Her site tag line should read “I am correct, you are wrong and there is nothing you can say to change my mind”.

Huffington Post censors former Governor Jesse Ventura

I am reprinting the entire article that was written by Governor Ventura, he wrote this article by request from the Huffington Post. Why would they ask for an article and then censor it?

Here is a link to where I found his article

You didn’t see anything about it in the mainstream media, but at a recent conference in San Francisco, more than 1,000 architects and engineers signed a petition demanding that Congress begin a new investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9-11.

That’s right, these people put their reputations in potential jeopardy — because they don’t buy the government’s version of events. They want to know how 200,000 tons of steel disintegrated and fell to the ground in 11 seconds. They question whether the hijacked planes were responsible or whether it could have been a controlled demolition from inside that brought down the twin towers and WTC Building 7.

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