Lawrence O’Donnell has lost all credibility, along with MSNBC

In a recent interview with Alvin Greene, the DNC candidate for the US Senate, Mr O’Donnell showed that he will do anything to promote the DNC. Even when faced with a ridiculous joke of a candidate Mr O’Donnell still endorses him. Watch the video linked below for a good laugh:’donnell/39624000#39624000

The fact that MSNBC allowed this comedy to be on their “news” channel destroys their credibility also. Don’t get me wrong, FOX news has done lot to promote the GOP, but nothing to the level of this. Mr O’Donnell should be shipped off to the DNC retirement home for broadcasters called current TV along with the other joke he replaced.

If my post sounds upset it is because someone will watch this interview and believe that Mr O’Donnell’s opinion matters. Someone out there will watch MSNBC and think they are getting unbiased news. People need to wake up to the fact that all cable “news” channels are money making businesses that will cater to a view in order to sell advertising time. FOX caters to a GOP audience and MSNBC to the DNC. Please people, do not take what any of these channels say as fact until you have verified it through other sources.

Form your own opinion!



Why are Democrats not opposing the President on “recess” appointment?

From the HuffPost we get this story:

WASHINGTON — In a bold move sure to infuriate Republicans and possibly draw a court challenge, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that he will use his executive power to bypass Congress and put Richard Cordray in charge at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

It is well with in the power of the President to appoint people to federal positions when the congress is not available to vote on those appointments. But this is not what President Obama has done here, even the President’s cheerleaders at the HuffPost note what he has done wrong:

Obama is making a recess appointment when the Senate isn’t technically in recess — a risky step that could spark a court challenge.

Of course it should spark a court challenge, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! But what I would like to ask is, why are Democrats not stepping up and stopping him from doing this?

Unless Democrats believe, that beyond all reasonable understanding of politics, they will be the party in the White House for ever, why are they allowing Obama to set the standard that the President can appoint people without congress’s vote no matter if they are in recess or not.

Each party has allowed the president, as long as he was in their party, to expand the powers of the executive branch. All though I believe term limits for congress is the first step to correcting the mess in Washington, rolling back the powers of the executive branch is step two. We need an executive branch that only has the powers granted to it by the constitution, and NOTHING MORE!

Democrats, stop allowing the DNC to abuse it’s authority just because you don’t want to hurt their chance to “win” an election. Demand honest politics from your party. This goes for Republicans also.

History repeating itself.

Let me introduce you to a man named Herbert Hoover. As the 31st President of the United States of America he is often listed as one of the worst our country has ever had. Why would he be looked at so poorly? Two words, Great Depression. 8 months after taking Wall street handed the new President the worst economic disaster our country has ever had and it was how he handled that disaster that made President Hoover known as one of our worst presidents.

So what did he do so wrong? There were several landmark policies that Hoover championed as the best solutions to end the depression.

First he believed in public works projects and infrastructure stimulus. Ever hear of the “Hoover Damn”? Hoover asked congress for millions of dollars (because they did not think in billions back then) to build the power generating damn. Yes that damn has provided Nevada and other states with electricity but the jobs created by that projected did nothing to end the great depression.

Secondly he raised taxes on the top tax bracket from 25% to 63%. Yes the top rate was at 25% during one of the largest economic booms in American history, the roaring 20s, so Hoover thought it would be a good idea to raise the top tax rate at the beginning of the great depression. How did that one work out?

Thirdly, if taxing the evil rich didn’t work maybe his plan to increase corporate taxes should have worked. Nope.

Wait a moment, I am having a sense of deja vu here. Hasn’t this been the DNC plan to deal with the current recession? Infrastructure, tax teh rich and tax corporation has been the campaign chants of the DNC. How is that working out? About as good as it did for Hoover.

Yes, there where other policies that did not help, the most obvious was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. Oh wait, President Obama has been championing “The Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act” that will impose a tariff on China, one of the top owners of US debt.

Will President Obama be remembered as Hoover 2.0? Of course not, because Hoover didn’t have support through out academia for his policies to the level Obama does. The media of the time did not give Hoover a free pass while doing nothing but going after anyone that opposes him. President Obama will be sugar coated for history.

Don’t let the truth be ignored. The DNC is repeating all the mistakes of pass presidents, we need to get on the right direction before it is too late.

What progressives should learn from John Maynard Keynes

So it may not be often that I will agree with John Maynard Keynes, but like a lot of historical figures, his ideas have been twisted by modern interpretations for their own ends that when you really look at the original sources they mean different things. There is no doubt that Keynes believed the theory that government spending would increase demand in the economy which would lead to lower unemplyment, supply side economics. What progressives failed to learn from him though was that super high taxes were not the way to fund that spending.

“Nor should the argument seem strange that taxation may be so high as to defeat its object, and that, given sufficient time to gather the fruits, a reduction of taxation will run a better chance than an increase of balancing the budget.” – John Maynard Keynes

You see, Keynes there admits that there is a point at which rising taxes defeats its purpose of raising revenue;this is called the Laffer Curve. I will link some videos at the bottom that explains the curve better than I can.

The dangerous place we can fall into is thinking that tax cuts will lead to economic growth every time, there is a need to tax in order to fund the government operation, but there is a limit to the tax rate as the Laffer Curve demonstrates.

During a time of a recession when businesses need as much available funding you do not increase the tax rates on those with the income to create jobs. This is akin to slitting your wrist to get to the blood you need for a transfusion, when you’re the one that needs the transfusion. Neither am I saying that we should lower the tax rate during a recession, in fact we should continue the same tax level we had at the beginning of the recession until we are getting out of it, and then we can determine if a change is needed.

What conservatives are advocating for at this time is to lower the government’s burden on the public so that the public is free to create new jobs. Yes there are some responsibilities the government has and those responsibilities need to be funded, but there is plenty of waste that can be cut out. Until all the waste is cut out and the government is only doing what it is supposed to be doing it is necessary to look at raising taxes to increase revenue to the government.

Once the government demonstrates it is running on barebones we can then logically determine how much revenue is needed to maintain a healthy government.

I understand that progressives will ignore anything that comes from a Republican, Conservative or anyone that does not tell them what they want to hear, but I hope that John Maynard Keynes can get through to them.


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