Good bye 2012, hello 2013.

I am a glass half full kind of guy. Sometimes my wife even gets annoyed with how positive I can be in most situations. I tell you this because you will not believe that statement after reading my last post of 2012.

Humans like to use numerical events as moments to either make change or mark progress, new years being one of the most popular to do both. Between the reminiscent of the year ending or the resolutions for the year beginning, we find out what is important to us.

Let me start by saying that I am thankful to God for all he has done for me in my life. I was born in the United States of America, the freest nation in the world. I grew up with two parents that loved each other and their children very much, even though we where not rich monetarily they provided a safe and happy living my whole life. I was giving the opportunity to serve my country in the US Army, and in return I was taught that I was able to accomplish more than I could image as long as I was willing to work for it. I was then blessed with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children, none of which do I deserve. I think God for all he has given me and pray I am able to do with it all as he wishes me to.

2012 was a year that I started with great optimism. America was getting by despite a recession and we where entering a Presidential election cycle. The more I studied and educated myself on economics and history showed me that Americans always found the solution to their problems when that solution was most needed. I talked to many people from all around the world and I got a sense that they knew what needed to be done and where willing to make the right choices to start another age of growth.

Then November 2012 came and I lost a lot of the hope I had for a better tomorrow. Nearly half of the eligible voters in America let apathy steal their vote. About 29% of eligible voters re-elected the President that has done nothing in four years to help our economy grow. Almost three quarter of Americans want the status quo to carry us through another 2-4 years, there is no desire for change in the majority of Americans any longer.

When I watch the election results come in, and when I spoke with people the next several days after, I learned that Americans don’t want to work for a better future and that they just want someone else to make it better for now.

So I have no hope for 2013. It pains me to say that. An optimist like me who loves his country should never feel this way. I have lost all faith in the American people to make a better world for my family to exist in, in fact… I feel like they are making harder for me to leave my children with an opportunity to succeed when they get older.

I do have hope in one thing, Jesus Christ still reigns. In 2013 I will spend more time growing closer to Jesus. I owe God everything I have and I will show Him how much I appreciate what He has done by giving Him my time.

If America needs me, I will do what I can to help. I will not search out solutions to offer to a country not looking for real solutions. I only pray that Jesus will protect my family as darkness makes a home in my country.

God bless America, God protect your people and I pray that all will turn to God in the coming year because we are not promised tomorrow.


The new conservative must be an optimist.

There are two things I learned from the 2012 elections, well more like 100 but I want to look at just two of them today.

First, the JFK mind set of “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” is dead. The majority of voters in America only ask what they can get from their country and have no desire to help.

But more importantly I have learned that people love an optimist. As a conservative I have spent a lot of time pointing out the flaws in Keynesian theory or the progressive plans for the economy, with no real objections from others. Yes, I get bumper sticker slogans from some, but none offer real arguments that can prove the rationale behind the Keynesian model. Then I learned that most people do not care about what is wrong with the current government plans. I also pointed out the flaws of the policies of the Democrats in Washington and how they will lead to bigger problems down the road, and again I learned know one cares about what the Democrats are doing wrong.

What I learned was people want to hear positive ideas. They want people to say “this is how we can fix the problem”. So I propose that conservatives need to put forth detailed plans to fix the economy and fix the police state and then let others try and stop us.

I am calling out to any conservative representatives in Washington, no matter what party you are in, step forward with a real plan to fix a problem. Tell people how they will benefit from your solution, and how they will benefit immediately. We are in a “taker” civilization with a “microwave” patience threshold, we need to give them solutions and we need to tell them how they will benefit immediately.

Conservatives need to learn that the majority of Americans do not care about long term solutions that call for them to sacrifice today to create a solid foundation for tomorrow. They want to reap the benefits of a harvest before the crops are planted. We need to find a way to make them feel like we are harvesting when in reality we are planting the seeds needed to save out country.

Now we know what needs to be done, get to work.

Got a letter from the Obama campaign, how disgraceful this campaign is.

Just got an email from Jim Messina from It contained a link to a survey that allows people to let the administration know what is important to us. Image my surprise (sarcasm alert) when I saw this question:

Which constituency groups do you identify yourself with? Select all that apply.

  • African Americans
  • Americans Abroad
  • Arab-Americans
  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
  • Educators
  • Environmentalists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Jewish Americans
  • Labor
  • Latinos
  • LGBT
  • Native Americans
  • People of faith
  • People with disabilities
  • Rural Americans
  • Seniors
  • Small business owners
  • Students
  • Veterans/military families
  • Women
  • Young professionals
  • Youth

This list does nothing but show that this president wants to separate us into little groups he can offer graft to in order to get our approval. He cares nothing for the American people as a whole, only as individual special interest groups.

This administration has been the most divided administration since Lincoln. I see no change in the next 4 years and I fear he will tear us apart.

The saddest news from the 2012 election.

It is my opinion that every American of the age of 18 or older has a duty to vote in any election, local or national. One of the main reasons the colonies declared independence from England is because of “taxation without representation”. Thanks to the actions of those “founding fathers” we have the right to vote so that our voice can be heard.

So why did 42.5% of voting eligible Americans neglect from that duty?

A report from the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, put 2012 voter turnout at 57.5% of all eligible voters. They estimated 126 million people voted in the election this year. That means 93 million eligible citizens refused to perform the one power that Americans hold over the government.

When I turned 18, even though I lived in a home where politics where never discussed, I couldn’t wait to cast my vote. I have now voted in every possible election and could not image not casting a vote when asked to do so. What would cause 93 million Americans to be so lazy?

I understand and would forgive those that are physically unable to vote for some health reason, that would have to be extreme because of the availability of absentee voting, but I recognize that it may occur. I would also wager that a considerable percentage of votes cast where illegal, as voter fraud is common across much of the country, so that number of actual living Americans that did not vote would probably be higher than the estimated 93 million.

Has America slipped this far into apathy? or is it another symptom of the laziness being cultivated in out population?

The day after…

Sadness, that’s the only way I can describe my response to the election results. Sadness that the American spirit I love, that I served for and that I grew up knowing… is no longer in the majority. There are numerous things that make America special and those things are the things that I see fading away.

Hopeful, that is the way I feel this morning. I have hope in things to come because they have been promised by a sovereign God. I know that Jesus reigns in heaven and that everything works for His glory. I am also hopeful because my name is written in His book of life and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can take me from His hand.

Determined, that is my new mindset. I am determined to make changes so that my family will be taken care of. No matter the mindset of the culture around me, around my family and around my friends, I am determined to make a path of righteousness that they can follow. I am determined that I will not be the cause of the fall of my country, even if it falls, it will not be because of me or my posterity. I am determined to be the man God calls me to be for His glory.

November 7, 2012 is a new day, and I thank God he has given me this day to make a difference for Him, I will not waste it.

Best part of the 2012 election cycle…

Today I woke up and had a thought that brought a smile to my face. I will count this thought as the happiest part of the 2012 election cycle. So the thought that I had was that no matter what happens tomorrow, no matter who wins and will be in the President on January 20th is that in 4 years Barack Obama will not be our President.

I know, if Mitt Romney wins then Barry could run again, but I don’t think the Democrats would risk running a looser against the person who bear him. So in 4 years the Democrats would have to run a new candidate and that will show the direction that party plans to go.

If Barack Obama wins, Americans will wait out another 4 years of a bad economy knowing that a new President will take over when he is done. Americans will do all they can to succeed DESPITE the actions of Barack Obama, just like we have tried to do the last 4 years. We did all we could to better our lives, even though we knew he would take credit for any thing positive and push blame to someone else for anything negative, because Americans want to succeed.

God bless America.

Eric Holder chooses his scape goat and the MSM will be happy with it.

So the Obama administration and the Department of Justice are going to throw Lanny Breur under the bus to take the heat off of Eric Holder for the Fast and Furious debacle.

The report says Attorney General Eric Holder was not made aware of potential flaws in the program until February of last year. But the report cites 14 other department employees — including Criminal Division head Lanny Breuer — for potential wrongdoing, recommending the department consider disciplinary action against them. (Fox News)

All though this conclusion does not explain the use of executive privileged by President Obama, and it does not say that Eric Holder had no knowledge of “Fast and Furious” prior to February. But I predict that the media will run with this report and call anyone that questions the report a “conspiracy theorist” and then dismiss any additional inquiry.

Forget the fact that the report was written by an employee of the Department of Justice. Are we supposed to believe they are impartial? A crime has been committed and someone needs to go to jail and that someone is the person that allowed this to happen. Eric Holder wants the paycheck and prestige of being the Attorney General, now he has to accept the responsibility that goes with that position.

Until we the people hold our elected official responsible for their actions they will continue to act irresponsibly. Start throwing some of these dirt bags in prison and we will start getting better results from Washington.

I hope they are just ignorate

In a recent post at “Whatever Works” the blog author wrote:

USA! USA! USA! (ssshhhh, don’t let the secret out)
We don’t trust the Congress. We don’t trust the Executive. And since Bush v. Gore and all the 5-4 decisions since, we no longer trust the Supreme Court.

However, by all measures, Americans have a high level of  trust in the U.S. military. Admiration too.

Don’t tell the flag wavers that the United States Military is an entirely Socialist enterprise. It would spoil their fun.

Figuring that my response would be censored I wanted to post it here to fight the lies:

saying that “the United States Military is an entirely Socialist enterprise” is a completely ignorant statement that shows you have no understanding of what Socialism is. If I am wrong, please give a definition of socialism and then show how the US military fits that definition.

Are you up for the challenge?

I hope that the author really is ignorant, because it would be scary if someone would knowingly propagate such lies.

Hey GOP, don’t worry about the hurricane and pay attention to the people!

I live in Central Florida, transplanted from NY 16 years ago. I have been here through the hurricane season of 2004 when we had 4 hurricanes in one season come through our state. In those 16 years I have learned a lot about hurricanes and how to read NOAA project maps and I can assure the members of the GOP that hurricane Isaac will not effect the Tamp Bay area any where near enough to hinder the convention.

First, one of the things I have learned about the weather people, especially in Florida, is that they have a fairly mundane job and they look forward to something exciting to report…. like a hurricane. With that in mind they tend to over report and hype any gust of wind that is heading our way. 90% of the tropical storms that they predict will be a hurricane and make land fall in Florida don’t.

Secondly, tropical storms and hurricanes have a lot of consistency. If you look at the NOAA maps you will see a path that hurricanes in the same season follow, we learned this when 3 separate hurricanes followed the same general path in 2004… was not fun.

So what does this mean for Isaac and the GOP? Isaac is following a southern path below Cuba. This path does not allow the storm to make it’s way to Florida, at least not as anything strong enough to worry about. In fact, the “cone of probability” has already started to shift west, as it will continue to do so. When storms cross over Cuba they break up and weaken, and if they continue north to Florida they do not get re-organize. Usually those storms that go south of Cuba push into the Gulf and either keep west until they hit Mexico or they meander north and hit the gulf coast between the Florida pan handle and Texas.

The storms that go south of Cuba do not hit Tampa Bay as a hurricane unless they are already and cat3 or stronger hurricane when they hit Cuba. Isaac is not even a cat1.

To sum this up, the GOP should just forget about Isaac and pay attention to the people voting in November and balance the budget already! Forget about Aiken, Fluke, skinny dippers or racist demographics and DO YOUR JOB! Americans need a balanced budget and a plan to clear out the national debt, every thing else will take care of itself.

Spotlight on censorship

I have noticed recently that a lot of WordPress blogs do not publish comments until they are approved by the blog owner, not a bad feature when used properly. Unfortunately I have also noticed a lot of sites that won’t publish your comment if it goes against their ideas.

Today I want to spot light a blog post at

Community Organizer

The Obama haters have, for 4 years used the term “community organizer” as a pejorative and not a job. Now Romney is throwing a tizzy because people are being made aware of what his record was as a vulture capitalist.  He says it is now off limits.

But what is America, is it a corporation, meant to be profit driven for the board of directors and the rich investors and aiming to cut costs by slashing wages and benefits for the rest? If that’s the case and it’s about the money, then outsourcing is much cheaper.

In reality America is a community, made up of people from all walks of life and in all sorts of predicaments as they struggle to improve their lives and count on someone to organize the nation to include them.

While Romney was looting pension funds and having them replaced by tax payer dollars in essence taking your money for his pocket, Obama was the organizer of a population larger than the population of Alaska and worked for $30.000 a year.

Job Description:

  1. He organized training to help people find work, education to improve people’s literacy and improve their prospects, organized legal council to settle disputes.
  2. He empowered the least in the community by giving them a voice and the power of numbers to support them.
  3. He organized food banks, free clinics, food delivery for the infirmed and aged, activity centers where people could meet and develop social skills and break the isolation of poverty along with the ability to network.
  4. He provided access to those that couldn’t find it and clothing exchanges to make people more presentable for job applications, child minding centers and referral centers for people that need legal, financial and medical care.
  5. He, organized transport for the elderly, home visits and home care.
  6. He taught people how to budget their income and balance their books, because that’s what community organizers do and they do a heck of a great service for all that need them.

He did this for $30.000 a year, even though he was a top grad at the top law school im America and could have taken a million dollar a year job as first pick from every legal company in America.

And yet his job was sold as a negative, not a real job in spite of the long hours, the pain of watching people suffer and the joy of seeing the burdens lifted off their shoulders as their lives improved.

I’d rather see a national community than a corporation with very rich and disposable worker cogs.

So go ahead Barack tell the truth about Mitt because his side of politics have made high ideals and helping on principle, a negative.

Now, I made the mistake of thinking my comment would get published so I did not save it anywhere. But the abbreviated version of my comment was something like this:

My problem with President Obama’s experience is that he has NEVER come up with a solution to a problem that did not include Government intervention. He has spent his entire time as a community organizer telling people that the government will solve their problems and that all they have to do it tell their politicians what they want and they can get it.

In the real world we need to teach people how to think for themselves and earn their own living and not wait for some faceless government to take care of them. We should be creating an environment that rewards hard work and not reward laziness.

After waiting some time I posted another comment informing the blogger that I was interested in hearing from them on this subject and still no response. My comment has not been posted and they have continued on blogging. I guess it is easy to spout your ideas if your ignore any objection.

I welcome any comments and look forward to people proving me wrong. As long as you do it without name calling or using blatant fallacies (if you do not know what those are go here I will listen to what you have to say and provide you with an honest response.

So to garydorr and other bloggers that block dissent to their ideas I say “shame on you”. Don’t blog if you are afraid to be proven wrong.