The heart of the progressive plan has been revealed

Do you have your “tin foil hat” on? I am about to draws lines of connection between dozens of shadowy groups that are working undercover to destroy the American way of life. These groups meet in secret and use false names to cover their tracks…. oh wait, it’s only a Democrat from California that has shown us the core of the progressive plan to take down America.

In a recent interview the former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi said:

“Right now there are over 80 million people who are benefiting from the bill,” the California Democrat added. “We can’t roll that back, so we have to find a way to keep it.”

There you have it, spoken out loud for all to hear. Now for those in denial I will spell it out in plain English.

The Democrats, with a majority of representatives in the House, passed what they knew to be an unconstitutional bill. They put a couple of provisions in the bill that small number of people will benefit from quickly so that once the facts are known and the bill is thrown out they can use the few that benefited as victims of the system.

So here we have it. The progressive lunatic left has showed us their plan. Pass unconstitutional bills that have some benefit for a small number of people so that those people can now be victims of the system if the unconstitutional bill is voided. When are people to going to stand up and tell the Democrats that they are not pawns to be used for political gain. When are people going to realize that the Democrats care nothing for the poor other then getting them to vote for what ever dirtbag has a (D) next to their name.

Wake up America!!!

Stop letting politicians use you for their gain. If you cast a vote for any Democrat this November you are sending a message to Washington that it is ok to lie, cheat and steal from the American people. If you don’t mind politicians running your life, then go ahead and vote for the Democrats.


History repeating itself.

Let me introduce you to a man named Herbert Hoover. As the 31st President of the United States of America he is often listed as one of the worst our country has ever had. Why would he be looked at so poorly? Two words, Great Depression. 8 months after taking Wall street handed the new President the worst economic disaster our country has ever had and it was how he handled that disaster that made President Hoover known as one of our worst presidents.

So what did he do so wrong? There were several landmark policies that Hoover championed as the best solutions to end the depression.

First he believed in public works projects and infrastructure stimulus. Ever hear of the “Hoover Damn”? Hoover asked congress for millions of dollars (because they did not think in billions back then) to build the power generating damn. Yes that damn has provided Nevada and other states with electricity but the jobs created by that projected did nothing to end the great depression.

Secondly he raised taxes on the top tax bracket from 25% to 63%. Yes the top rate was at 25% during one of the largest economic booms in American history, the roaring 20s, so Hoover thought it would be a good idea to raise the top tax rate at the beginning of the great depression. How did that one work out?

Thirdly, if taxing the evil rich didn’t work maybe his plan to increase corporate taxes should have worked. Nope.

Wait a moment, I am having a sense of deja vu here. Hasn’t this been the DNC plan to deal with the current recession? Infrastructure, tax teh rich and tax corporation has been the campaign chants of the DNC. How is that working out? About as good as it did for Hoover.

Yes, there where other policies that did not help, the most obvious was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. Oh wait, President Obama has been championing “The Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act” that will impose a tariff on China, one of the top owners of US debt.

Will President Obama be remembered as Hoover 2.0? Of course not, because Hoover didn’t have support through out academia for his policies to the level Obama does. The media of the time did not give Hoover a free pass while doing nothing but going after anyone that opposes him. President Obama will be sugar coated for history.

Don’t let the truth be ignored. The DNC is repeating all the mistakes of pass presidents, we need to get on the right direction before it is too late.

hypocrisy of the lunatic left

I have noticed that since the left succeeded in getting Barack Obama elected to the position of President they had a presumption that their time had come. Unfortunately for them, the American people where not as asleep as they had hoped.

When Sen Obama and Sen McCain left the campaign trail to pass the bank bailout, now known as “TARP”, the American majority stirred and began to awaken. When the most “progressive” president since FDR was elected the American majority whipped away the slumber from their eyes and started to look around. Then the wake up call happened, the Obama “stimulus” passed, the American majority started to get to work.

It was too little too late to stop the socialist healthcare plan, Obamacare, from passing but the left had to strain their neck to look up at the giant they had awaken. Ever since then they have resorted to name calling and false labeling to try and marginalize the giant that was now trying to defend it’s home.

Once the giant of the American majority changed the majority in the House and weakened the majority in the Senate in 2010, trying to get a message to Washington that we where finished supporting the growth of government and the unbelievably out of control national debt. We demand that they get our national deficit under control and they ignored us, now we have to get back to work.

All this work by the awaken giant of the American majority has been wearing away at the nerves of the lunatic left. Their weak self confidence is starting to show for the farce that it is. They project their own flaws onto their perceived “enemies” and then turn a blind eye to their own transgressions.

Lets show an example. The president got on to live television to give one of his meager speeches that so impress his sheeple about how Americans need to have a more civil discourse. Then he stands off stage as James Hoffa calls for the unions to be an army for Obama to use to wage war against the “tea party SOB’s”. What is their response? Point out false perceptions of “violent rhetoric” on the right, while never commenting on Hoffa’s comments. You have to admire the level of hypocrisy they can demonstrate and still feel good about themselves.

Now today the queen of hypocrisy opens her mouth and lets the dung fly. Here is the context, the GOP has decided that they will televise a rebuttal to President Obama’s “jobs” speech on Thursday. So Nancy heads to the nearest pulpit to fling her false accusations, “The Republicans’ refusal to respond to the president’s proposal on jobs is not only disrespectful to him, but to the American people,”. So she is saying that because the GOP does not plan to dissent with the President publicly that they are being disrespectful? How twisted must your brain be to think this is an intelligent thing to say out loud?

If I was considering voting DNC in 2012 I would be embarrassed by these fools that represent your party. There are fools and RINOs that the GOP needs to rid themselves of, but there is so many in the DNC that it would take many elections to get rid of them all.

Remember, November 2012 will be here quicker then you think  and every day from now till then counts. We need to get the lunatics out of Washington. Find a candidate that represents the American majority and promote them. Find neighbors and family members that plan to sit home on election day and drive them to the polling areas. The lunatics are banking on American laziness, lets prove them wrong. Lets show them that the giant remains awake and the giant wants it’s country back!

How can anyone give Obama another term after last night?

What are we telling our current politicians and future politicians when we allow someone to lie to us on national television and then re-elect them to the highest post in America. President Obama went on national television in prime time and lied to the American people and for some unknown reason people will vote for him on Nov. 2 2012.

What I loved was his first sentence, he looks at the problems we are having and sums it up in his first sentence: “For the last decade, we have spent more money than we take in.” Amen Mr President, thank you for stating the obvious. So why are you requesting the ability to spend more money than we take in and continue the policies that have led us to this mess? What happened to the “change” voters “hoped” for?

Lets continue on with his campaign speech : “In the year 2000, the government had a budget surplus.” By using accounting tricks to fabricate a surplus. They used social security i.o.u’s to fund government programs so that Clinton could campaign on surpluses.

“But instead of using it to pay off our debt, the money was spent on trillions of dollars in new tax cuts,” So, allowing Americans to keep the money they earn costs money? What it does is lower the income of the federal government, it does nor increase spending. This is simple economics that even my nine year old understands.

“while two wars and an expensive prescription drug program were simply added to our nation’s credit card.” But Obama has added another war in Libya and a bigger healthcare program to the national credit card and he is ok with that? What a hypocrite this fool is.

“As a result, the deficit was on track to top $1 trillion the year I took office.” Then he doubled that and is asking for us to allow him to triple it. So he complains about a $1 trillion deficit when he has created a $2.6 trillion deficit? Only an ignorant fool would cheer for this mess.

Now, this is the biggest load of liberal pooh I have ever heard: “To make matters worse, the recession meant that there was less money coming in, and it required us to spend even more” and he said it with a straight face. I can’t take any more of this dirtbag’s lying.

You can read the rest of his drivel if you want to get a head ache at: CNN

So I ask again, how can we allow the President of the Untied States of America to go on live national television and lie to the American people without any repercussion for his lying? If the plan was for him to be so bad a president that Republicans would rather vote for Hillary than give him a chance at a second term…. mission accomplished.

I can not image a worst President than Barack Obama, Kerry would have been close but I think Barry has lowered the standard than anyone could have imagined. I challenge the DNC to nominate a better candidate than Obama in 2012, in fact Sen. Barry Sanders agrees with me (ya, it scared me too). I challenge anyone that voted for Obama in 2008 to defend this guy without blaming Bush. What has this guy done to create a solid economic future for America that was not suggested by conservatives?





What conservatives mean when they say…

“The government needs to get out of the way so the economy can fix itself.”

As seen over the last several months, the private sector wants to create jobs and is trying to do so despite the attempts of Washington to stifle that growth. Could you image how many jobs could be created if the private sector was given the room to grow that is asks for?

A recent survey of small businesses shows us what those that want to create jobs think.

Reuters: “Almost two-thirds — 64 percent — of companies with income of $25 million or less do not plan to hire more workers over the next year, the poll conducted for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said.

Nineteen percent said they planned to add new employees, but only 12 percent said they expected to lose workers in the next year. That figure is well below the 29 percent who said they lost employees over the past year, according to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the Chamber.

Economic uncertainty was the biggest, or second biggest, obstacle to hiring more workers for 55 percent of the respondents. Some 34 percent cited an expected lack of sales as the first or second reason.

Other reasons cited included the U.S. debt and deficit, President Barack Obama’s 2010 healthcare measure, over-regulation and high taxes.”

Yes, I expect the Keynesian children to highlight the minority 34% that said it was lack of sales, but those few would see an increase in sales of the 55% majority saw less uncertainty, and how do we do that? Look to the last paragraph.

US debt and deficit, Obamacare, over regulation and high taxes. US debt and deficit is the responsiblity of Washington to get under control, Obamacare shows the intrusion of government to syphon off of the producers in order to grow central planning and over regulation and high taxes are examples of Washington trying to slow down the economy.

Now for the comprehension impaired reading this, they are not asking to remove all regulations so they can poison the water supply (Washington is doing that enough all ready), they are saying that OVER regulating is the issue. They are also not calling for zero taxes, the issue is high taxes (you know, the ones Obama’s friends at GE don’t need to pay but small businesses do).


Instead of listening to phds and politicians who create nothing, why not try listening to the people who own and run businesses. They are the ones that are doing the hard work that makes American great, let them do more. When the American entrepreneur fixes the economy, who ever is in the White House can take whatever credit they want.

“Eighty-four percent of the small business owners surveyed said the U.S. economy is on the wrong track, and nearly 80 percent said they viewed the current regulatory environment as unreasonable.

However, almost two-thirds of the respondents said their own businesses were on the right track.”

Americans want to succeed, why do politicians keep getting in the way?

China Opens the Door for Foreign Healthcare Providers

China has been finding out over the last decade that government financed central planning does not work. From their “ghost cities” to the empty worlds largest mall, they are now looking at how to solve their failing public healthcare system. And where have they turned to fix their healthcare problems? That right, the private free market.

(source) The government of China has announced that it is to encourage the development of the private healthcare sector in the country. The news paves the way for foreign firms to gain greater access to the Chinese private healthcare market.

The news comes from the State Council – China’s cabinet office – which is backing investment from the private sector in a bid to meet the growing demand for healthcare services in the country. The new policy will provide overseas healthcare companies, with more flexibility in establishing a new business within the private health sector.

[Even the central planning of China has learned that state run health care does not work and have been moving toward a private health insurance system like America had before Obamacare.]

The move by the Chinese government is designed to encourage investment from overseas business to meet the increasing demand for private healthcare services in the country stemming from its rapidly expanded economy. Economic expansion has brought increased affluence among the population of China, which in return has lead to a growth in demand for private healthcare. Now the Chinese government has opened the door for foreign investment by providing greater freedom for the establishment of private healthcare institutions in the country.

Part of the reform will enable foreign firms to invest more financial capital in healthcare institutions in China, with the government making the process of establishing a business in the private sector easier and quicker to achieve in an attempt to ensure healthcare demands are met.

The Chinese authority’s decision to cut the red tape in the planning process for foreign companies engaged in the provision of healthcare in China is intended to ensure that the country’s healthcare needs are met partly by easing some the pressure on the Chinese public healthcare system.

[Even China is figuering out that too much government regulations scare away private investors and the government can not make up the differance.]

As constraints are eliminated, the intention is for foreign healthcare providers to establish larger-scale hospitals throughout China – to be run alongside smaller healthcare facilities – leading to an overall improvement in medical services across the country. Also the provision of foreign-run hospitals is planned to play an important role in meeting the needs of patients seeking higher standards of healthcare services.

As the new policy is implemented and a positive effect on the Chinese healthcare sector is delivered, patients will be rewarded with a better choice of medical care, with benefits to be gained from overseas expertise.

[China has been suffering from lack of access to basic healthcare because even the Chinese government can not handle the cost of public healthcare.]


But of course the Democrats hold up centrally planned societies like China as templates for America’s future. What they fail to comprehend is that those governments are learning that central planning does not work and that only a free market can support a free society.

So we have a choice, do you want to live in a free society or a centrally planned one? I choose freedom.

Obamacare, so good that Barrack gives waivers to 733 groups.

I love seeing all the bloggers and news channels that keep putting out the DNC party message that Americans want Obamacare. I seam to remember a poll that was taking on November 2, 2010 when the majority of Americans told Washington what we thought of Obamacare.

But to make sure the point gets across to the Dem-sheeple, let’s use the facts from a government report. So far the great Department of Health and Human Services reports they have given waivers to 733 entities, this includes corporations, unions and other employment groups. Those 733 groups represent over 2 million Americans who will not be covered by Obamacare restrictions to their medical insurance. I guess thats the price the DNC has to pay in order to be able to force the rest of America to fund their socialist project.

Ok, so I may come across as a bit angry, this is because I am. I am tired of the government telling me what I can and can’t do with the money I earn for my service. I am employed by a company that gets taxed for having me on their payroll. Then I get taxed for earning money. I also get taxed when I want to spend that money, and if I happen to save some of that money so I can pass it on to my children when I pass, the government wants to tax it again. How many times should Uncle Sam be allowed to take from the same dollar?

I have a easy solution to this problem, give Americans the option to opt out of any federal program they do not want to participate in. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare or any future program they can come up with in order to get their hands into my wallet. I will freely sign a contract that allows me to keep the money taken from my paycheck to fund those programs and in return I will not receive any of those “benefits”. I should be FREE to make that decision and suffer the consequences of that decision.

This is what it means to be a free adult in America. You are free to make decisions and to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

Of course the socialists in Washington will not allow us to have that choice because their system would collapse with out the forced participation of as many people as possible. Enough is enough.