Remove party affiliation.

Ok, so I was listing to Glenn Beck today and he made a good point. What would happen if the initial of the candidates party was not on the ballots? That is a good idea. Is this something can be done or is this country stuck with a 2 party system?

Another place we should remove the party affiliation, Once you are elected. Once a candidate is elected they should no longer answer to a party other than the American party. We need to get rid of party caucuses once they are in the congress. If you really want bipartisan legislation then get rid of the parties.

Too much of our attention is given to which party a candidate belongs to instead of what the candidate stands for. Besides having the D or R next to a candidates name on a ballot allows lazy people to decide who represents us.

This is something I am going to have to research. Glenn may have hit on something that could really help this country.


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