Economics are important!

I have no training as an economist, but I have a love of learning and have become more and more interested in economics. I have read a lot of books about the economy and how it effects the world around me. From Hayek to Kaynes, from Krugman to Rothbard, I believe in reading all thoughts on the subject.

One book I have heard a lot about and have decided to take on is “Human Action” by Ludwig Von Mises. Considered his greatest work and one of the most important books written in the 20th century.

I am looking for someone to go through the study with me. The book and study material are provided free in PDF or EPUB format from The work book is broken up into 39 chapters and I think this can be done 1 chapter a week. What I would like to do is post each week my thoughts on what I learned that week and have someone else post their thoughts also.

Of course an opposing view point would be great, but just any other point of view would work. I would also like to invite anyone that comes by this blog series to post their thoughts and to read along if they want.

I will set a date to do this study once I hear from anyone who would like to partner with me. Then again, in reality no one probably reads this and in that case I will begin the study in the next week or so because I am interested in learning this material. If you are interested you can post a comment on this article and I will contact you with more information.

Human ActionYou can get the digital copy of Human Action here:

Go to this link for the digital copy of the Human Action Study Guide:



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