One reason why people do not trust politicians

As reported today, Kent Conrad is proposing a budget plan “A top Senate Democrat says he’s preparing a fiscal blueprint that resembles the bipartisan findings of President Barack Obama’s deficit commission and would curb the deficit by $4 trillion over the upcoming decade.”

Wow, he wants to cut an average of $400 billion a year out of the budget. No wait, his plan is to hold spending level and just reap the benefits of a growing economy, which we do not have at this time.

What he also does not say is that our national debt would more than double over the next decade even with a $4 trillion reduction in deficit spending. Do the Democrats really believe that we can handle a $25 – $30 trillion national debt?

I’ll give Mr Conrad credit for trying, but sorry… no gold star for participating. We need someone to present a plan with ZERO deficit spending and at least a $4 trillion reduction in the national debt over the next decade.

We need to stop talking about reducing deficit spending, we need ZERO deficit spending. We need politicians that are talking about debt reduction.


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