Why are Democrats not opposing the President on “recess” appointment?

From the HuffPost we get this story:

WASHINGTON — In a bold move sure to infuriate Republicans and possibly draw a court challenge, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that he will use his executive power to bypass Congress and put Richard Cordray in charge at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

It is well with in the power of the President to appoint people to federal positions when the congress is not available to vote on those appointments. But this is not what President Obama has done here, even the President’s cheerleaders at the HuffPost note what he has done wrong:

Obama is making a recess appointment when the Senate isn’t technically in recess — a risky step that could spark a court challenge.

Of course it should spark a court challenge, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! But what I would like to ask is, why are Democrats not stepping up and stopping him from doing this?

Unless Democrats believe, that beyond all reasonable understanding of politics, they will be the party in the White House for ever, why are they allowing Obama to set the standard that the President can appoint people without congress’s vote no matter if they are in recess or not.

Each party has allowed the president, as long as he was in their party, to expand the powers of the executive branch. All though I believe term limits for congress is the first step to correcting the mess in Washington, rolling back the powers of the executive branch is step two. We need an executive branch that only has the powers granted to it by the constitution, and NOTHING MORE!

Democrats, stop allowing the DNC to abuse it’s authority just because you don’t want to hurt their chance to “win” an election. Demand honest politics from your party. This goes for Republicans also.


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